Accessories for Navy Blue Suits

Navy Blue Suits

Everyone loves navy blue, don’t you?

A navy blue suit is a must-have color. If You are the kind of man who likes to make a statement to the world, then navy blue is the color to go for.

A navy blue suit is versatile in all occasions. You can wear it for office functions, dinner and weddings. As much as navy blue is versatile and elegant, if you match the wrong accessories to it you will look disastrous.
The accessories listed below will give you an idea on how to match the navy blue suits

Shirts to Wear with Navy Blue Suits

•    White Long-sleeved shirts. The classic white shirts rank high with navy blue shirts. You can never go wrong with white shirts when you match with navy blue suits.
•    A pale blue shirt. This color is classic, it is irresistible. It blends well with a navy blue suit to accentuate your manly looks.
•    A light pink shirt. The pink tone will create a clean soft contrast to your navy blue suit making you look trendy and classy.
•    Gray Shirt. Gray is a good alternative to the classic white long sleeved shirt. It softens the overall look of your navy blue suit. If you tone it well with the right color and patterns of accessories, you will look good.


•    A navy blue suit with a pale blue shirt will match with a blue or burgundy ground ties
•    A navy blue shirt with a pink shirt will blend with a black tie.


•    A navy suit with a white shirt goes well with converse trainers, Novesta Trainer shoes and Vans Trainers.
•    A navy suit with a pale blue shirt can be worn with red wing and Dr Marten shoes.
•    Generally, Black, brown and burgundy shoes match with navy blue suits – check out our selection of dress shoes

Pocket squares

•     A white linen pocket square matches with a navy blue suit with a white shirt
•    The pocket square should match the tie and the shirt.


•    The patterns of the suit should not clash with the tie – learn more about patterned suits

Final thought
A navy blue suit is the easiest to combine with accessories. A must-have for your wardrobe. Going for a simple tailored navy blue suit with a white shirt is a good idea. It is simple to wear with a black tie with a white pocket square. Anyway, don’t let me decide for you, pick the match that your heart desires. Good luck with picking.