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Gray Wool Suits

Most men prefer suits in darker shades. This may be due to the fact that dark suits are generally formal and are perfect for office environment. Secondly darker shades are easier to match up with shirts and tie. Light suits are predominantly becoming casual wardrobe options. However, they are quickly becoming a perennial favorite of sharp dressed men who take advantage of lighter shade rarities. Light gray is the most versatile of all light colors. This is why our collection of Gray Wool Suits are perfect for gentlemen who are sophisticated suit-wearers.

Excellent Fabric

  • When it comes to suits, Wool is probably one of the best fabrics.
  • Gray Wool Suits are made from finest quality organic wool that gives subtlest of sheen when in natural light and holds its form exquisitely, thus, making it ideal for workplace and formal occasions.

Modern Fit

  • A suit without proper fitting might as well be thrown in the garbage.
  • Gray wool suits feature updated fit with slimmer proportions while still emphasizing comfort.

Notch Lapels

  • Gray Wool Suits are equipped with notch lapels which makes them a perfect choice for formal as well as informal events.
  • Wear them confidently while you dine-out with friends in the evening.

About the Jackets of Gray Wool Suits...

The jackets of Gray Wool Suits are equipped with bullhorn buttons, light weight shoulder pads, canvassed lapels and supreme quality collar felts. All these features give the jackets an ultimate fit. 
Remember, wool suits will never go out of style. So wear yours confidently!

About the Pants of Gray Wool Suits...

Gray Wool suits come complete with flat front pants that give a modern finish and comfort to the wearer. The bottoms are left unhemmed. You can either hem the bottom of each leg or turn them into a cuff, according to your own personal preference.