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Wool Suits

At Hundred Dollar Suits you can find the best selection of wool suits for any occasion. Our collection of wool suits have the best quality and value all in one. Adding wool suits into your wardrobe is a great way to freshen things up. 

Why wool? there are many reasons. It resists wear and tear; soil and wrinkles. It conforms smoothly to the body's ccontours.


Types of wool suits available

Whether you are looking for a two piece or three piece wool suit, Hundred Dollar Suits has the one you need. The two piece wool suit comes with a matching jacket and pants. Looking for something more dapper? Go ahead and select the three piece wool suit. With an addition to the jacket and pants, the three piece wool suit adds a waistcoat or vest to it. We make sure to have the right variety of wool suits to cater to your preference and whatever the occasion may be.



Fit and Size of Wool Suits

The wool suits at Hundred Dollar Suits have fits and sizes for all body types. When it comes to wearing a suit, you want to look and feel great in it. With this, you will need to find the right fit and size. Our wool suits come in different jacket sizes such as Regular, Long and Short. It is recommended that you get measurements from your previous suits as reference or go ahead and get yourself measured. If you are shopping for your first suit, our wool suits with a notch lapel is the best choice for its stylish versatility made for any occasion.

Color of Wool Suits

A product staple in any men's wardrobe, Hundred Dollar Suits offers a wide array of color variations of wool suits for you to choose from. Go classic and choose the black wool suit for a contemporary feel that never goes out of style. When basic black is not enough, have a look at the many shades of gray wool suits. From solid gray to light and dark gray, these colours sure make a difference. Get even more bold and modern with the indigo or tan wool suit which is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. All wool suit jackets are lined with matching quality fabric to make sure the look is complete as a whole.


Try this: before selecting and trying on a wool suit, crush the fabric gently in your hand. A good wool should bounce back to its original shape.


Product Description: Men's Wool Suit | Wool Suit for Men on Sale

Wool Suits for Men

When it comes to online shopping for Men's suits, most people are skeptical. And they have every right to be! Online shopping can sometimes be a bit tricky because in most cases what you see is not what you get. However, this is not the case with Hundred Dollar Suits. We believe in giving you the suits that are epitome of fashion and comfort and our line of Wool Suits for Men is no different.

Excellent Fabric

  • When it comes to suits, Wool is probably one of the best fabrics.
  • Our collection of Wool Suits for Men uses finest quality organic wool that gives subtlest of sheen when in natural light and holds its form exquisitely, thus, making any suit ideal for workplace and formal occasions.

Modern Fit

  • A suit without proper fitting might as well be thrown in the garbage.
  • Wool Suits for Men feature updated fit with slimmer proportions while still emphasizing comfort.

Budget Friendly Suits

  • Owning great suits doesn't necessarily mean breaking your bank accounts and straining your pockets.
  • At HDS, you will find the mist stylish and budget friendly collection of Wool Suits for Men.
  • Such a collection is hard to find elsewhere on the internet.

Wool Suits for Men has Great Colors...

There was a time when men's fashion was dominated by three basic colors i.e. blue, black and gray. However, with rapid changes in fashion industry and consumer perception things have changed for good. Now men are keen on trying different colors and styles. Keeping in lieu with changing fashion scenario HDS regularly updates it's collection of suits and our line of Wool Suits for Men is no different. From blue to gray and to anything in between, we have some great and interesting color contrasts that are bound to get you noticed (in a good way!)