Classic White Bow Tie

Classic White Bow Tie
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Why Choose White Bow Tie

When you’re attending a classy white tie evening event, the white bow tie is an important piece to have in your pile of accessories. More often than none, black tie events are more on the less strict side of do’s and don’ts. For white tie, there are more strict rules to follow. Our white bow tie from the Hundred Dollar Suits brand is at the top of your to buy list when shopping for a white tie event outfit. You will want to avoid getting yourself a pre-tied or clip on white bow tie. Luckily, our white bow tie is a freestyle bow tie which means a self-tie and is the most acceptable.

About The White Bow Tie

Learn how to tie your bow tie properly and this knowledge will serve you well especially in times where a formal white tie event pops up. The selection of bow ties are made out of easy to manage fabric with a timeless quality so you’ll have a fuss free experience self-tying the bow tie into place. While the white bow tie may seem overly formal, there are just things about formal menswear that require an extra hint of sophistication to suit the occasion.

When To Wear White Bow Tie

Some occasions that require a classic white bow tie include weddings, galas and specific high class evening events. If you will be going to either of these occasions anytime soon, get your hands on the white bow tie now and save time in planning your whole outfit. With the white bow tie out of the way, you will be able to spend more time on getting the right fit for your whole attire. Even if you won’t be attending a classy formal event, we do recommend just having a timeless bow tie ready in your wardrobe just in case.

Shop White Bow Tie Now

Don’t wait any longer. Our simply minimal white bow tie is exactly what you’re looking for. Tie it into any form that you like to suit your preference. The freestyle white bow tie will beat down any pre-tied bow tie. Keep your outfits classy gentlemen. A self-tie white bow tie will enhance your overall appearance and assure that you appear dashing for the formal affair.


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