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Tuxedo Vest Sets

Hundred Dollar Suits Tuxedo Vest Sets are offered in a variety of colors such as Turquoise, Champagne and Lavender. Our Tuxedo Vest Sets are a great fit for special occasions all year around. The Tuxedo Vest Sets includes four pieces, a vest, bowtie, tie and pocket square which compliments our elegant Tuxedos, so that our buyers can look right for the perfect occasion. Hundred Dollar Suits, offers high quality material and our fabric are breathable and comfortable for any special occasion.



Our Tuxedo Vest Sets come in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL in many different colors. Hundred Dollar Suits Tuxedo Vest Sets are perfect for different shapes and sizes. The Tuxedo Vest Sets represents a bold and confident look that will make your look complete. Our white and black Tuxedo Shirts compliment our Tuxedo Vest Sets which ranges in sizes from 14.5/32-33 Slim Fit to 18-18.5/36-37 Slim Fit.



Hundred Dollar Suits Tuxedo Vest Sets, are perfect and affordable regardless of the color and size. Our affordable prices allow our customers to complete the perfect look with our Tuxedos. Our Tuxedo Vest Sets are unique with special styles which separates us from other Tuxedo Vest Sets.


Tuxedo Vest Sets Specifics

Our Hundred Dollar Suits Tuxedo Vest Sets, are high quality material that gives you the same confident and bold feeling at every occasion. Our Tuxedo Vest Sets compliments any seasons throughout the year and ensures a comfortable fit. The four piece set is convenient for many occasions with the option of changing your style for the right look. Our affordable Tuxedo Vest Set is perfect for mixing and matching with our affordable Tuxedos for the perfect occasion. Enjoy our Tuxedo Vest Sets at affordable prices, you can’t find any where else for a sophisticated look.