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Silver Tuxedos

The primary difference between a tuxedo and a suit jacket is the presence of satin. Our collection of Silver Tuxedos is made from exceptional fabric and have satin facing on the lapels. We believe that little details are vital, in fact they are not little but rather make the design. Silver Tuxedos are intricately designed and each little detail only serves to add more style and glamour to them.

Exceptional Fabric

  • Nothing but the best quality fabric goes into the making of this Silver Tuxedos.
  • Remarkable fabric ensures that the jacket is breathable and lightweight and you do not feel like a potato being baked in its own skin.

Satin Shawl Collar

  • This silver tuxedos are equipped with satin shawl collar which makes them an amiable choice for formal as well as informal gatherings

Ultra Slim Fit

  • Silver tuxedos are ultra slim fit.
  • This means that silver tuxedos are cut to hug the wearer closer around the ribs.

You can wear Silver Tuxedos at...

  • Wedding
  • Prom
  • Formal Dinner Parties
  • Anniversary
  • Birthdays

Taking care of Silver Tuxedos....

Although silver tuxedos are made from high quality refined material yet we would advise you to take care of your jacket to keep it in mint condition for a long time. Here are some basic tips:

  • Do not try to wash your jacket at home, always dry clean
  • Since the trims on this red tuxedo is made from silk material, we would recommend that you take absolute care with stains
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with moisture while wearing it
  • Properly hang your jacket with the help a clothes hanger to avoid getting it wrinkled