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Knowing The Black Tuxedo

For the urban man, a black tuxedo is an important part of their clothing staple. A favourite for any black tie or formal event, black tuxedos give off a dashing style when worn properly. Make sure you find the right fit for optimal comfort and wear. Black tuxedos are not just a suit worn with a bow tie. A formal tuxedo will have silk satin lapels on the jacket and silk stripes on the pants. So before you purchase a new tuxedo, make sure they have these details.

Contemporary Black Tuxedo Designs

Wearing a tuxedo always means that you are going to be attending a special event. Black tuxedos are designed to step up from a basic suit. When the dress code calls for it, you are going to need a black tuxedo at some point so best you purchase one from Hundred Dollar Suits where quality meets affordable price. Here, the black tuxedo have distinct shawl, peak and notch lapel styles to suit every preference so you will have a wide range of designs to choose from.

Exploring The Black Tuxedo Style

Getting your black tuxedo only means you're halfway there. To pull off the complete look, you'll want to consider other elements such as the shirt and accessories. To help you with this, here's how you can perfectly style the black tuxedo. First, a crisp and clean tuxedo shirt. This is usually white with wing tip or spread collars nothing more, nothing less. Next, there's the bow tie. A classic bow tie is always black and is never a clip on bow tie unless of course, you are a child. Other accessories to consider are suspenders, pocket squares, cuff links and shoes.

Buy Your Black Tuxedo Now

When your black tuxedos fit you just perfectly, your appearance goes from zero to star quality in an instant. Black tuxedos online at our store have a Slim Fit and Modern Fit. Choose Slim Fit if you have a shorter than average height and a slim build. The Modern Fit on the other hand will suit most average builds and heights. Get your dapper black tuxedo today!