Tuxedo Navy Loafer

This Tuxedo Navy Loafer. It's made of faux leather material and suede. The fit is true to size. There is a silver buckle closure and a black sole. These shoes can be worn during any season.

These shoes are perfect for formal occasions, such as weddings, prom, birthday parties, and galas. They'll add a bit of flair to your outfit. You can match them with suits and tuxedos -- almost every color goes great with navy. It is a versatile shoe, and comfortable as well. You can wear these all day without hurting your feet.




Tuxedo Navy Loafer

Tuxedo Navy Loafer

This Tuxedo Navy Loafer is made out of dark blue faux leather. It’s exterior is shiny and refreshing for its unique and rarely noticeable color. Also, the Tuxedo Navy Loafer has a combination of dark blue and a slightly lighter blue towards the front of the shoe. Additionally, it contains a buckle that straps from the first end to the last end of the shoe. The silver buckle with a black leather strap is a perfect addition to these Tuxedo Navy Loafers. Furthermore, the all black soles and low block heel gives the shoe a sense of overall perfectness.

Add a Splash of Blue to All Your Outfits

These Tuxedo Navy Loafers can be a perfect addition to all your outfits. Simply wear these Tuxedo Navy Loafers with a dark blue jean jacket, white button down shirt, blue tie, and khaki pants. Also, you can create more of a model like look with a colorful overcoat: light blue striped, orange striped, dark blue all over, and black striped overcoat. Furthermore, you can wear an all navy blue outfit which will not go unnoticeable to anyone. Create that smooth, clean, and effortless look that you always wanted with these Tuxedo Navy Loafers.


Wear these Tuxedo Navy Loafers to almost any bold event. Events such as, weddings, prom, birthday parties, and galas. Imagine yourself at your next large ballroom party with an all navy blue suit and these fabulous Tuxedo Navy Loafers. These Tuxedo Navy Loafers can compliment almost any outfit.

Gentleman's Checklist

  • Tuxedo Navy Loafers

  • Black or Dark Blue Socks

  • Silver Buckle

  • Black Leather Strap

  • All Dark Perforated Black Soles

  • Block and Black Low heel

  • Sleek and Modern

  • Worn for numerous occasions: art galas, club scene, museum outings, fancy events, ballroom occasions, happy hour, and vacations


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