The best cheap suit money can buy

A new kind of Cheap Suits is taking over the Market

Cheap suits starting at around a hundred dollar price point have been introduced many years ago, but recently a new kind of cheap suit has started taking over the market.

The secret behind this new generation of suits is a superior fabric. Using a novel fabrication method creates a blended fabric consisting of 65% derived from natural cellulose fibers made from soy, bamboo, or sugar cane, mixed with 35% synthetic fibers. This fabric can be woven into fine garments that feel soft and like the finest wool, while also holding up well against the daily wear and tear.

The stereotypical cheap suit - a thing of the past?

Even though suits seem almost like a thing of th past. Think of the TV show Mad Man that is set in the 1960’s, where every man was wearing a suit, and today, only a minority of men wear suits. When thinking of men wearing suits - a banker, sales man or limousine driver come to mind. Or if we think of cheap suits probably more a public defender or police detective, paired with a worn out pair of Florsheim oxfords.

This sad image no longer has to be the stereotype. Suits have come a long way, more so fabrics, and how they are constructed now. Not to long ago a cheap suit felt like sandpaper and you could tell that it was a cheap suit. We hope to never see these cheap suits again.

The new breed of suits - made from “high tech” fabrics

What are cheap suits really made off?

The most recent generation of fabrics are made of 65% Dacron / 35% viscose rayon.

Viscose Rayon is a cellulose plant fiber that is structurally similar to cotton and comes from plants such as soy, bamboo, and sugar cane. Viscose Rayon is a soft fiber commonly used in dresses, linings, shirts, shorts, coats, jackets, other outerwear, and of course suits. Rayon is widely claimed to be as comfortable as natural fibers, even though it may feel more slippery like nylon. In combination with other fibers such as Dacron it can be made feel like silk, wool, cotton or linen.

Interestingly Viscose Rayon also turns out to be more easily biodegradable than cotton. Because of it’s similarity to cotton it’s not surprising that clothing manufacturers substitute Rayon or Rayon blends for cotton in their fabrics as has happened in 2010 when cotton prices rose 5.5 fold.

Dacron is the name used by the fashion industry for the polymer that is more commonly known as PET, as is PET drinking bottles. Dacron is one of the most popular polymers to mix with Viscose Rayon. Unlike most other plastics Dacron was found to be degradable by at least one species of bacterium.

An early military study evaluating this new 65 /35 blend concluded:

“The 65% Dacron / 35% viscose tropical is superior in wet crease retention, wet wrinkle recovery, and strength to either the 50/50 blend or 100% wool fabric.” and “...the garments were comfortable and maintained a superior appearance during wear.”

What makes our cheap suits so special?

Only $100 Dollars

The fabric of the Hundred Dollar Suit is less subject to market forces and can thus be sourced more efficiently. This allows us to pass on the savings to you. However, we do ask you to measure yourself.

Affordability meets quality

Combine an elegant look, a breathable fabric, durability, and put all that into a suit. Now make that suit cost only $100. That’s what Hundred Dollar Suits is all about.

Express yourself - we have your style

No matter the occasion, HDS has you covered. Browse our extensive selection of affordable blazers, suits, and stylish accessories to find something that matches your own personal style.

A 9-to-5 cost savior

Just got hired at a job where you have to wear a suit? Get 5 of our cheap suits to get you through a week until you get that pay raise. Or you may like our suits so much that you may keep them as your everyday wear.

Designed to handle life

We make all of our suits using an ultra high tech material consisting of a combination of Rayon Viscose and Dacron. This cloth is soft, breathable, and withstands more wear than wool or cotton. Just because it’s a cheap suit doesn’t mean it’s poorly made!

Still have questions?

Still seem too good to be true? Check out our blog to learn about our cheap suits and other fashion items. Or Contact us with questions anytime.


Our affordable suits come in three fits


Regular Fit

The regular fit suits have a traditional cut with a looser feel. Most classic suits feature a design similar to the regular cut because of the brilliant way it combines elegance with comfort.

Modern Fit

Our Modern Fit suit falls between our ultra slim fit and regular fit designs. A slight taper gives you the slimming effect of the ultra slim but still provides the breathing room reminiscent to the regular fit.

Ultra Slim Fit

The Ultra Slim Fit suits is tapered even more and ideal for young men or big chests and a slim waists as the jacket is taken in to fit this type of body perfectly. The slim fit suit is very popular with the  contemporary young  gentlemen as it shows of the V-shaped body nicely.