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Your Guide To Weekend Suits

What exactly are weekend suits? Well in the working industry, especially one where workspaces are still open during weekends, weekend suits are a term reserved for the business casual dress code. You will probably want to leave a full formal suit hung in your closet for the weekend at work unless specifically instructed by your superior. Instead, invest in a suave weekend suit that is formal enough for work but with a more chill overall feel. Generally, weekend suits are modern suits paired with casual pieces.

Workspace Weekend Suits

Instead of throwing off the whole office with a fully formal suit, the weekend suit is your best bet when it comes to the term business casual in the workplace. How exactly do you wear weekend suits? Let’s just reference stars that dress down their suits with t-shirts or polos. Some even have slim fit suits with rolled up cuffs and casually matched with a pair of white sneakers. When it comes to accessories, spice up the weekend chill effect with some polka dots or stripes and brocade patterns.

Street Style Weekend Suits

As for the casual street styler, weekend suits means trading in the suit jacket with a blazer and matching dress shirts with a pair of jeans or shorts. When you own a three piece suit for instance, dress it down casually by pairing just the vest, pants and a crisp white dress shirt. Sneakers and patterned socks help create a more dynamic and fun casual get up. If bright colors aren’t your kind of thing, switch up the pop of color with neutrals and mix with stripes.

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At Hundred Dollar Suits, we offer a variety of weekend suits to choose from. Even more, these suits are versatile enough to use during the weekdays for normal working hours. You can just opt to dress the suits down for the weekend without any hassle. Quality comfort and contemporary style, that’s all you can ever want in weekend suits. Get yours online today!