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What Are Sharkskin Suits?

You may already have a general idea of what sharkskin suits are. The classic piece that big stars wear in the movies, yes well that’s just one of the examples. To break it down for you, sharkskin suits used to be made with shiny synthetic material but nowadays, sharkskin suits are made of wool with a two tone woven characteristic. When men choose to wear sharkskin suits, they definitely know that the suits are long lasting through multiple wears. This is why you should be choosing one for yourself when suits are a part of your daily wear.

Fashion Guide For Sharkskin Suits

As usual, we have a collection of easy to follow styling tips to get you started with the sheeny sleek sharkskin suit. Remember that you will need to strike a balance between the material and slight sheen to pull off the outfit as a whole.

Sharkskin Suits with Colored Dress Shirts

  • White - This works the best for all sharkskin suit colors.
  • Lavender - Best paired with gray, deep blue or black sharkskin suits.
  • Turquoise/Navy - Works well with black and gray sharkskin suit variations.

Sharkskin Suits with Accessories

  • Minimal - Keep down the accessories. Use black shoes & pair the right tie with your dress shirt and suit combo.

Sharkskin suits have a certain feeling when worn and that is enough to bring out your inner confidence. Wear the suit properly with the right tips and you’re well on your way to the stylish gentlemen flair.

Top Variety of Sharkskin Suits

We like to offer the suited gentleman an ample range of sharkskin suits to choose from and that’s why we have only the top variety to choose from. Colors range from black, earth tan, smoke blue to the popular gray in the sharkskin suit category. Depending on your measurements and body build, you will choose between Ultra Slim Fit, Slim Fit or Modern Fit. Go ahead and shop for your dream sharkskin suit now!