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New In Style Purple Suits

Of course you can wear purple suits. For the gentlemen who like to push the envelope in fashion and trends, purple suits are like a stepping stone to having a variety in the wardrobe. Some may not understand how purple can work but those who are bold enough to try the new color out and wear the suit properly will find that it works to their advantage. The ones who are interested but shy away from purple suits, you still have time to change your mind. We’ve got all the information you need to pull off purple suits.

Purple Suits With The Right Fit

At Hundred Dollar Suits you will find purple suits in a either a modern spin like the purple jacket with a shine streak or the ever so dashing plum suit. Whatever the choice you make, there’s an option for every occasion. From modern fit or ultra slim fit, our range of purple suits will be available for any urban gentleman that is looking for the perfect fit. The modern fit will suit any body type and height making this the perfect versatile choice whereas ultra slim fit will be for those wanting a slimmer silhouette and tighter cutting.

Purple Suits Do’s & Don'ts

Avoid pairing purple suits with yellow, red and green. These colors will make you look more like an ornament than a dapper gentleman. You will find that purple suits are easier to pair with beige, white, navy and gray. Keeping yourself close to these essential tips will make things simpler for you when it comes to styling purple suits. A few key takeaways is also to remember to keep your accessories to the minimum. Your shoes should be a leather brown or deep brown for a suave look.

Buy Purple Suits Online Now

Get an exciting new wardrobe by just adding purple suits to your collection! Shop online at Hundred Dollar Suits for savings, quality and comfort. Choose from our selected purple suits that are sure to make you a star when it comes to menswear style. Time to add a purple suit to your cart and checkout today!