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Pinstripe Suits Selection

Selecting pinstripe suits to add to your wardrobe depends on your needs. Pinstripe suits are not a go-to suit choice for most men due to the lack of versatility. However should you somehow want to add the pinstripe suit to your wardrobe, be sure to already have the basic suits such as black, grey and navy so you don’t run out of the must haves. As a selection, pinstripe suits are made mostly for professionals in finance or law but some modern day men wear pinstripes as a fashion forward choice.

Essential Styling Tips For Pinstripe Suits

Okay, don’t worry too much about looking strange in pinstripe suits. We have the easiest style tips for you to follow when it comes to wearing pinstripe suits so go ahead and follow this guide to get a headstart.

Pinstripe Suits with White Dress Shirt

  • Overall best combination for pairing with Pinstripe Suits.
  • Off White color is the next acceptable variation.

Pinstripe Suits with Ties

  • Polka Dots - Think small to medium dots. Striking but appealing combination.
  • Solid Colors - Easiest to pull off but remember to choose neutral colors.

There really is not much when it comes to styling pinstripe suits. The suit will speak for itself and that’s why you want to keep the other elements to a minimal. Less is more and this definitely rules pinstripe suit fashion.

Pinstripe Suits Variety

Pinstripe suits at Hundred Dollar Suits are available in a variety of fits and sizes to cater to all men. From Ultra Slim Fit to Modern Fit, these two are made for slim to average builds. With a two button jacket, the pinstripe suits will be sure to deliver a sense of timeless flair to your everyday outfit. Make the pinstripe suit yours by purchasing one online today!