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Patterned suits are poles apart from old school plain suit format. They have breathed a new life into fashion industry for men. In fact, patterned suits are no longer a thing of past. With patterns, choices are numerous but what is comfortable for one may not be entirely cut out for another. That is why we have created a whole range of most fashionable, comfortable and classy line of Patterned suits for men.

Variety of Colors

  • We understand that each occasion and each meeting has its own color code, which is why our range of Patterned suits is available in variety of colors.
  • Navy Patterned Suit is classic, modish and all time favorite.
  • Gray is the color of coolness and elucidates your underlying strength and passion.
  • Black is convenient and a good choice for black tie events.
  • We don't want any of our customers to look like a shabby teenager who goes to prom wearing a rental suit.
  • That is exactly why our line of patterned suits is designed and tailored by experts.
  • Each suit is available in different sizes so that you can pick one that fits you perfectly.

Prodigious Fabric

  • A suit is first and foremost about fabric than anything else.
  • Patterned suits are made from high class fabrics that are soft, lightweight and durable.

Button Closure

  • Patterned suits are usually equipped with two button closure.
  • This gives you more room and mobility and you remain comfortable even while sitting for a long time.

Patterned Suits are all in vogue...

Gone are the days when a man had fewer choices for clothing especially those belonging to corporate sector. From Savil Row to Gucci, everyone seems to be enthralled by patterned suits. Mainly due to the fact that they give you a wider palate to experiment and fashion is all about elaborating and experimenting.
However, know this well that patterned suits are opposite of their staid, pinstriped cousins. If this is your first time venturing into patterned suit foray than opt for smaller prints like simple plaid or check.
As a rule of thumb, small patterns are look sophisticated and are ideal for pattern newbie. On the other hand, larger prints are more casual and can be worn for informal gatherings