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What Are Office Suits?

Some men may still be confused about what to wear to the office. Office suits don’t really have a distinct style because it all depends on your workplace. Is the environment more casual or formal? Is it a startup company or a thriving corporation? Answering these questions are the first steps of knowing how to dress in office suits. Determine whether the term office suits is a full suit and tie or more suit jacket and polo shirt combination just by understanding you work culture first and foremost.

Styling Office Suits

Now that you already know what the workplace is like and whether or not a full three piece suit is appropriate, we can get into the style factor. When it comes to styling office suits, most men go for the color black. Now we’re not saying that’s a bad choice but you can do better than black. Having one staple black office suit is a necessity but having three or more, well you need a color intervention. Time to shop for office suits that are variations of gray or blue. These include navy or charcoal. Experiment with different textures such as sharkskin or wool. Little details like these can make a different impact on your appearance.

Size & Fit of Office Suits

Got your colors down to the dot? Great. Now let’s talk about how the office suits fit. Are they baggy and loose? You’re definitely not wearing the right fit or size. Get yourself measured by a tailor and keep the measurements for your reference. Take into account if you have broad shoulders, a wide chest and other details that can affect how office suits drape your body. From there, browse different sizes and whether Slim, Regular or Modern Fit is what’s most comfortable for you.

Shop Office Suits Now

Whether you’re getting new office suits or just starting out, you can build a whole wardrobe with a budget by choosing office suits from Hundred Dollar Suits. With value for money, our office suits collection have contemporary style and high quality make for the best comfort of daily wear to work or on any occasion. Buy your office suits online today!