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Suits are a must have item in every men's wardrobe known for being a versatile choice of clothing perfect for all formal and non-formal events.

Suits For Every Occasion

All suits available at Hundred Dollar Suits make the perfect ensemble for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for the next suit to add to your wardrobe or perhaps even a brand new one to celebrate your first job. Any situation that calls for a good suit, you can find one here.

Make An Impression

If you’re looking to show off your killer shirt, tie and vest combo, look out for one button suits because these tend have a deeper opening that makes sure what you wear on the inside stands out. One button suits are also great for those with shorter builds. Widely known as every men’s must-have staple in their closet, two button suits are a classic choice. Timeless and trendy no matter the season, two button suits always find a way to make every man look effortless. As for three button suits, these are often a better choice for men with a lean and tall build because its shallow opening may overwhelm smaller statures.

Suits Fit And Sizes

Hundred Dollar Suits makes it easy for you to find the perfect size and fit with a wide range available to choose from. When it comes to sizing, choose from three sizes. Each jacket size pairs instantly with a matching pair of pants.


Jacket Sizes:

  • Regular

  • Short

  • Long


Different jacket fits can also help make your buying decision go smoothly. Depending on your build each fit counts in deciding the whole look and feel on you.


Jacket Fits:

  • Ultra Slim Fit

  • Slim Fit

  • Modern Fit

  • Regular Fit

Suits in Easy to Wear Colors

You don’t want to complicate your choice when it comes to colors. Our suits in black and gray are often the most sought after colors for its versatility. Those new to buying suits can safely choose these colours as a hassle free option. Looking to add variety to your existing collection? Take a look at the colors blue, brown or tan. These colors are a great way to revamp your look. When it comes to special occasions, for example at your wedding, white suits are a modern way to do just that. We also have rare colors in green and purple. Don’t worry, they’re not tacky green or purple but more along the lines of an easy on the eyes deep green and plum which won’t give you stares but instead will earn you approving nods.