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About Funeral Suits

Keep it simple and appropriate. That’s how to dress for a funeral or memorial. In order to do so, Hundred Dollar Suits provides the proper funeral suits for the respectful gentlemen. Funeral suits in general are how you dress for the deceased and their family. Put away your thoughts of bold colors and patterns. Instead, focus on a clean, minimal yet timeless look. We offer funeral suits with these qualities in mind so browse the range and get one of your own today.

Available Funeral Suits

Leave your fashion statement neck ties at home and keep your whole outfit sharp. Funeral suits are black as a sign of mourning as should your suit be or a dark color variant. Our available funeral suits fit the bill and price. The quality is just as superb so don’t worry about the comfort and durability. When it comes to style, funeral suits differ subtly in terms of fitting and cutting. Remember, it’s more about looking presentable than being the person who stands out of the crowd.

Dressing Funeral Suits

Funeral suits are mostly black. For easy variations, you may choose dark grey or deep navy. Suiting up for a funeral also includes wearing a crisp white dress shirt. A black dress shirt is also a workable variation. Be conservative with your accessories. This includes choosing a simple black neck tie over a necktie with novelty patterns. Keep in mind, solid dark colors work best. As for shoes, pair funeral suits with a standard black pair or a dark brown variety. 

Buy Funeral Suits Online

Whether you need a last minute pair or just preparing yourself, we have the right funeral suits for any gentleman. A standard modern fit is exactly what you will find and need. The modern fit funeral suit also comes in different jacket lengths from short, regular and long in order to cater to various body builds and heights. Get your funeral suit online, hassle free and affordable only at Hundred Dollar Suits.