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Look Dapper In Classic Suits Design

Classic Suits are what you can find in every man's wardrobe. Both comfortable and easy to wear, there’s nothing more accessible than the classic suit fit. Classic Suits have a generous cutting at both the chest and waist area. This in turn enables you to move more comfortably around without feeling restricted while maintaining a clean cut silhouette for your body. Nothing more timeless than seeing a man with confidence in one of our classic suits.

Classic Suits All Season

Classic Suits barely ever go out of style. There are always modern men who prefer a more spacious suit style. This is also fully dependent on your body frame and preference. Tailored to be more roomy, classic suits remain a favourite among traditionalists in the corporate world. Due to the relaxed style and fit, you won’t feel stuffy spending the whole day in the office. Our suits maintain quality with top notch and breathable fabric so rest assured, you won’t be making the wrong choice with the Hundred Dollar Suits collection.

Classic Suits Fit And Sizes

Although traditionally made to be less fitting, we like to also cater to the demands of modern day men. Hundred Dollar Suits aims to make sure there is a wide range of classic suits fit and sizes to choose from. Depending on your stature and height, you can shop classic suits without worrying about the availability of sizing and fitting.

Jacket Sizes:

  • Regular
  • Short
  • Long

Our classic suits have different cuttings when it comes to jacket fits. This is because contemporary design flows together with the traditional and our jacket fits help you flaunt your best suit forward.

Jacket Fits:

  • Ultra Slim Fit
  • Modern Fit
  • Regular Fit

Classic Suits With Classic Colors

Classic Suits are never complete without their classic color variations. For the men who love traditional style suits, they will always look for the more classic colors. With this, Hundred Dollar Suits bring in the dark and suave colors of Black, Gray and Navy. Always in trend and goes along with the seasons, timeless colors such as these can easily be incorporated into your daily routine without hassle. Your time to look dashing is now so shop our classic suits range and don’t forget to keep it classy!