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Cheap Suits with Timeless Design

All cheap suits now available online at Hundred Dollar Suits come with classic designs that fit every occasion. Between needing a cheap suit for work or a quick one for an emergency event, shopping for your suit online has never been easier. Our best collection of cheap suits make it a great deal to find where we mix an unbeatable combination of affordable price and high quality comfort. Whatever the occasion may be, our cheap suits definitely pack a good combo.

Best Cheap Suits With Quality

Don’t underestimate the power of cheap suits here at Hundred Dollar Suits. We are able to do it without sacrificing both quality and comfort. All cheap suits are made with thread counts of Super 120’s - 150’s. We use this range because it indicates the thinner the fibers equals to how much smoother and more comfortable the cloth feels on you. Super 120’s - 150’s is an optimal thread count range for comfort and durability made available on all our cheap suits collection.

Cheap Suits Fit And Sizes

Most men assume cheap suits have the lack of variety when it comes to fit and sizes. Don’t let that cloud your vision. Our wide range of suits have the added advantage because we do offer the best options available in terms of fit and sizes. Cheap suits don’t always cut corners and we make it affordable for you to still look good with a fraction of the price.

Jacket Sizes:

  • Regular
  • Short
  • Long

Our jacket styles have different cuttings to be able to cater to different body builds. Depending on your build, you may have different jacket fit options.

Jacket Fits:

  • Ultra Slim Fit
  • Slim Fit
  • Modern Fit
  • Regular Fit

Amazing Color Palette For Cheap Suits

As we said earlier, our cheap suits are packed with a powerful combination of price, quality, comfort and now color. From the basic corporate palettes of Black, Gray and Navy to the crisp neutrals of Brown, Beige and Tan, our cheap suits are exactly what you’re looking for. When you want to add a little bit of edge to your suits, we also have cheap suits in deep Greens and Plums that are sure to impress and make you ahead of the pack in style. Go on and browse our collection of cheap suits and purchase one today!