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Charcoal Suits For Daily Men’s Style

A charcoal suit can be just what you need to take a break from your usual color routine of black and blue. The charcoal suit is not exactly black or grey, the color falls in between and makes an excellent choice for mid week days where you just want to have a little variation. Another advantage to styling with charcoal suits is that the color is more towards the darker range. Not grey but still dark enough to pull off with formal style.

Guide To Charcoal Suits

We all know what it’s like to feel unsure about rocking that new color. Don’t worry, charcoal suits have an endless variety of combinations to choose from and we have the best tips right here to get you started.

Charcoal Suits with Printed Dress Shirt

  • Best for office days or an important meeting.
  • Stick to small and repetitive patterns such as florals or stripes.
  • Use plaid or flannel only for casual occasions.

Charcoal Suits with Colors

  • Blue - Light or Navy Blue works best. The most common but wearable combination.
  • Pink - Not fuchsia or hot pink. Get a muted light pink instead for a sharp presentation.

That’s all! Don’t forget to experiment by mixing and matching combinations but always make sure that you have an honest second opinion. The last thing you want is to waste a dashing charcoal suit on a bad style choice.

Charcoal Suits Fit And Sizes

Your fit and size is what determines how charcoal suits look on you. Have measurements ready and be aware of your height plus body build. At Hundred Dollar Suits, the Charcoal suits are available in one to two button styles - both timeless choices along with Ultra Slim Fit, Slim Fit, Modern Fit and Regular Fit to cater to different body frames.