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Black Suits Are The Expert’s Favorite

Black Suits are an established choice for the dapper man. There’s nothing more timeless yet goes with the changing fashion trends. Black suits are versatile making it an expert suit wearer’s top choice. This is why you will want one for your own too. Some say that black can get boring easily but that’s just because they don’t know how to style it boldly. We have a great guide for those who want to jazz up their black suit for any occasion.

Guide To Black Suits

Hundred Dollar Suits gives you all the information you need to wear black suits confidently. Here are some fail proof combinations to follow.

Black Suits with Printed Dress Shirt

  • Great for the office or meetings.
  • Makes an impression at an interview.
  • Choose small and repetitive patterns such as stripes, florals or dots.
  • Choose plaid or flannel only for casual days.

Black Suits with Colors

  • White - Classic combination. Makes you appear clean, minimal and sharp.
  • Blue - Think light blue or chambray, not navy. Gives off a more subtle masculinity.
  • Red - Try not to go for a bright red that can be a painful contrast. Choose a rich and deep red instead like wine red or crimson. Makes a bold statement and demands presence.

These are just some of the many endless options you can create just by having black suits in your wardrobe. Remember to also choose the right fit and size to make sure there’s no room for a jacket that’s too short or too long.

Black Suits Fit And Sizes

Back to the fitting and sizing, this is what determines how compelling black suits can look on you. Remember, the suit pairing is only half the battle. The other half depends on how the suit fits you. Get your measurements ready and take note of your height as well as body build. Our black suits come with a range of jacket sizes and fits to cater to your preference.

Jacket Sizes:

  • Regular
  • Short
  • Long

Jacket Fits:

  • Ultra Slim Fit
  • Slim Fit
  • Modern Fit
  • Regular Fit