Buying your first suit? You’ve come to the right place. If you need a suit for your first job, interviews, or even going out for drinks, we’ve created a student checklist to make the process easier. Here are our recommendations so you can dress to impress in your first suit.






2. Dress Shirts and the Power of Colors



The light blue shirt is a recommended color for interviews, as it is liked by almost everyone, and associated with trustworthiness. It also adds a bit of flair to your dark suit you’ll be sure to pick up some compliments.

White is always a safe bet, because it matches with everything. It’s a great color for work, formal parties, and interviews. Just make sure to keep it clean!

The light pink shirt is for fun weddings, parties, or maybe a particularly exuberant Friday. The light pink looks nice with both navy and charcoal.



3. Ties to Match

Skinny ties are back in style, as a nice mix of casual and formal wear. These ties also look great on people with athletic builds.

Patterned ties are cool. Even if it’s something subtle, like small polka dots, you should have a patterned tie to wear when you’re feeling a bit funky.

Dark colored ties are important, as ties should always be darker than the shirt you are wearing. Black, dark blue, and dark red are popular tie colors, because they look good almost all the time.

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That’s all it takes to don your suit professionally! You can learn how to tie the perfect windsor knot by checking out our guide. One more tip we have is to always match your shoes with your belts. And for any other questions you can head to our blog, and read up about accessories and other suiting tips.


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