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Check Your Order Status

Would you like to find out if your suit order has already been processed by us? When you order with us, you will be able to track your order by looking up its status on our site. The page titled ‘Change Order Status’ lets you log in with your Order ID, ensuring security and personalized login.

How the 'Change Order Status' Page works

At Hundred Dollar Suits, we ensure that all orders you make with us can be tracked for your convenience. Every step that is taken by us to deliver the package to your home can easily be retraced. Go to the page ‘Change Order Status’ and log in with the following details: The Order ID that we provided to you when you placed the order, your last Name and either your email address or your ZIP Code. After entering this information, we take you to an information page which displays everything you need to know about your package. The Order Date will show up in red, making it easier for you to get a quick overview.

More Information

Other important information which can be found on this page are the shipping and billing addresses you provided, the shipping method and your payment method. The items you ordered from us will be listed including model, size and color. Your grand total will show up in the lower left corner. In case you conducted a return with us, you can track its status here as well.

Security is Important to us

The secure handling of your sensitive data is important to us. This is why we ask for your personal Order ID before giving access to the ‘Change Order Status’ page. Make sure to keep this number to yourself and in a safe place. Additionally, we strive to enhance security even more by asking for the name the order is billed to and your email address. Now you can lean back, watch us preparing your order and wait for your new suit to be delivered to your home.