Rust Red Tie with Black Bones and Skulls

Rust Red Tie with Black Bones and Skulls
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When to Wear This Skull and Crossbones Tie?

Sometimes a suit just needs a little kick to bring it bang up to date! This Skull and Crossbones Tie is a funky tie that will add a modern edge to your formal or casual attire. It’s perfect for pairing with a white shirt, since the white skull and crossbones will stand out perfectly against that sort of blank canvas.

Traditional Shape with a Contemporary Twist

This Skull and Crossbones Tie may be traditional in its cut, but look closely and you’ll be treated to a cool printed pattern featuring a repeated skull and crossbones motif. The skull and crossbones are white, which set against a navy background are small enough to be a subtle addition to any outfit. They won't be missed though, especially if you opt for a navy suit and white shirt.

Skull and Crossbones Tie For Halloween

If you don’t fancy going all out for Halloween this year, this Skull and Crossbones Tie is a super simple and effective way to get in the spirit of the holiday. You can attend that fancy Halloween party in style knowing you’ve offered a nod to the holiday in the form of this super stylish Skull and Crossbones Tie.

How Does it Feel?

The Skull and Crossbones Tie boasts a high-quality construction, made using comfortable fabric that will last and last. It is a durable addition to your wardrobe as well as a fashionable one.

A Skull and Crossbones Tie As  Gift?

Give this awesome Skull and Crossbones Tie as a gift for a friend or loved one whatever you're celebrating. It is a classic tie in its shape but fully contemporary in its styling and will no doubt become a new favorite amongst the young at heart.

Gentleman’s Details

  • Skull and Crossbones Tie

  • White Skull and Crossbones

  • Navy Background

  • Traditional Cut


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