Red Tuxedo with Black Satin Shawl Collar

Red One Button Black Satin Shawl Collar:

  • Red Solid

  • Black Satin Shawl Collar

  • Side Vents

  • Two front besom pockets

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Red Tuxedo Jacket with Satin Shawl Collar

A beautiful black satin shawl collar makes this tuxedo jacket stand out. Whether it’s a prom, a party, a graduation or a wedding, this Red Tuxedo Jacket will ensure you do not blend in with the rest. This charming jacket even includes side vents and two front besom pockets. So you really are dressing with the whole package.

Go Modern With an Ultra Slim Fit

The modern design of this Red Tuxedo Jacket makes it a fantastic choice for all manner of occasions. It has been cut to fit the wearer comfortably and closely, creating a flattering silhouette and ensuring it can be worn with almost anything. This modern fit will add a touch of edge to any man’s wardrobe.

Where To Wear The Red Tuxedo Jacket

This quality Red Tuxedo Jacket would be best suited to formal events, although its one-button closure makes it a popular and comfortable choice for casual occasions too. The Red Tuxedo Jacket is great for:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Prom
  • Graduation
  • Birthday Parties

Exceptional Design, Exceptional Fabric

Our Red Tuxedo Jacket has been lovingly crafted using high-quality materials. A special flex fabric makes it super breathable and super comfortable without compromising on style. It will feel cool in summer and warm in the winter. The Red Tuxedo Jacket is lightweight and classic, perfect for the dapper dresser.

What To Wear The Red Tuxedo Jacket With?

Opt for anything from black dress pants to your favorite jeans when styling this Red Tuxedo Jacket. Whatever pants you go for, we can’t help but feel that a crisp white shirt will provide the perfect contrast to the deep red hue. Thus making a wonderful pairing that will never date.

Gentleman’s Details

  • Red Solid

  • Black Satin Shawl Collar

  • Side Vents

  • Two Front Besom Pockets


Your tuxedo style is largely defined by the jacket. Made with high quality fabric and tailored to perfection, Red Tuxedo make the heads turn and hearts melt. Party in style and illustrate your fun loving nature.

Exceptional Fabric

  • Nothing but the best quality fabric goes into the making of this Red Tuxedo.
  • Remarkable fabric ensures that the jacket is breathable and lightweight and you do not feel like a potato being baked in its own skin.

Satin Shawl Collar

  • This red tuxedo is equipped with satin shawl collar which makes it an amiable choice for informal gatherings such as wedding, prom, party, and formal.

Ultra Slim Fit

  • Red tuxedos are ultra slim fit.
  • This means that red tuxedo is cut to hug the wearer closer around the ribs.

Pair Up Red Tuxedo with...

Many would think that styling up with this Red Tuxedo will be difficult. However, reality is just the opposite. You can dress up with this red tuxedo by wearing black dress pants. Choose white button down shirt as it will provide a solid blank background for your red tuxedo to shine through.

Taking care of Red Tuxedo....

Although red tuxedo is made from high quality refined material yet we would advise you to take care of your jacket to keep it in mint condition for a long time. Here are some basic tips:
  • Do not try to wash your jacket at home, always dry clean
  • Since the trims on this red tuxedo is made from silk material, we would recommend that you take absolute care with stains
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with moisture while wearing it
  • Properly hang your jacket with the help a clothes hanger to avoid getting it wrinkled

Additional Info

Additional Info

Suit Color Red
Fit Ultra Slim Fit
Buttons Two
Occasion Formal, Party, Prom, Quiencenera, Wedding
Season Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


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