Black Bow Tie with Navy Rose Pattern

Navy Bow Tie with Black Rose Pattern
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Black Rose Bow Tie For Weddings

Opt for a super classic look when it comes to your groom’s suit, like this black Rose Bow Tie. It is just the bow tie for making a statement against a white shirt. Oozing with elegance and perfect for standing out in photos, it’s sure to become a new favorite. Your groomsmen will look great in it too, especially if you are going for black blue suits.

black Rose Bow Tie For Formal Affairs

Of course weddings aren’t the only events that this black Rose Bow Tie would be great for. Anniversaries, romantic dates, office fundraisers and more will all be enhanced by this simple accessory choice. It boasts a classic, formal design that is always synonymous with class.

A Great Fabric Construction

This black Rose Bow Tie boasts a super high-quality design. It has been designed to be classic but also durable, meaning you’re bound to get years of use from it. It is a staple for any man’s wardrobe, guaranteed to be used for many happy occasions.

A Printed Floral Pattern

Look closely and you’ll see that this black Rose Bow Tie has been adorned with a beautiful black rose pattern. This expert juxtaposition of print and color will instantly be a hit with the style hunters among you. It would look just as good with black as it would with black blue. A rose print is romantic and sophisticated for so many reasons - it's hard to miss its charm.

When To Wear This black Rose Bow Tie?

We love this black Rose Bow Tie for so many different occasions, including:

  • Weddings
  • Christmas
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Work Events
  • Thanksgiving
  • Birthdays
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Fundraisers
  • Christenings
  • Birthdays
  • Workwear


Product Description: Rose Patterned black Bow Tie

Rose Patterned black Bow Tie

Looking to show off your sensitive side with class? Then look no further then the Rose patterned black Bow tie. It brings out the gentleman within you and helps give the impression that your a sophisticated manTimeless sophistication and artistic flair are echoed through the Rose patterned black bow Tie.

High Quality Material

  • The Rose Patterned black bow tie is made from silk to showcase your elegance
  • Classically shaped to keep things simple yet refined.

Amazing Design

  • The Rose patterned black bow tie is hand made thus it has a certain charm
  • It sports a Jane rose pattern against a black backdrop giving you a smooth, suave appearance.

Appropriate Occasion To Wear Rose Patterned black Bow Tie?

The perfect place to showcase this classy accessory would be at high class social events such as gala's, ball's or maybe a dinner party with formal wear. In any given case it will definitely elevate your looks and present you with an air of sophistication and show your endearing side to everyone. Wearing Rose Patterned black bow tie to such events shows that you took the time to plan your appearance and attend this event with style.

Rose Patterned black Bow Tie Goes great with...

Rose Patterned black Bow Tie will go great with dark blue suits. The background of the bow tie will go perfectly with the color of the suit and the Jane colored rose pattern wont stand out too much on a darker suit. The perfect one would be a dark blue, bordering on Jane, suit. It would be greatly accompanied with the Rose Patterned black Bow Tie. 



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