Choosing Mens Suits For Beach Weddings

Mens suits for beach weddings can and will be different. There are no exact strict rules because it is after all YOUR big day. There will be grooms and brides with families that have a traditional wedding in mind so the attire will revolve around a classical look fit for a sandy and warm beach. For the non-traditional partners, go ahead and have more fun by adding in elements that can be surprising yet still look great on your wedding day. Don’t worry, we have a couple of tips up our sleeves to help you out.

Preparing Mens Suits For Beach Weddings

Every little thing counts to the last dot here. Especially if you’re planning to purchase your suit online. Prepare to purchase mens suits for beach weddings by setting your own measurements aside for easy reference. This is essential because measurements can easily help reduce the need for alterations after purchases. Say you’re shopping last minute, your measurements will save you both time and money to avoid from returns, exchanges and the like. Go ahead and explore Hundred Dollar Suits mens suits for beach weddings.

Styling Mens Suits For Beach Weddings

Now let’s talk about what mens suits for beach weddings are like. Chances are, you’re reading this for reference and just to dip your feet in the whole preparation to impress your bride with some on hand knowledge. Equip yourself with these easy essentials to help guide your planning for that Summer beach wedding.

  1. Light Gray - This is the top choice of color for most beach weddings. Light gray suits are a wonderful palette where neutral shade meets wonderfully against the blue colors of waters and beige sands. To stand out more, include accents or pop of colors in your tie or bow tie or pocket square. Subtle colors that pop in beach weddings are coral and blues. Patterns work well too such as micro stripes or micro checks.
  2. Declutter - Normally, a traditional wedding includes the groom with a three piece ensemble but at  beach wedding, you can let go of those bounds. Let’s face it no one likes feeling stuffy and uncomfortable under the blazing hot sun. Opt for a suit with suspenders without the jacket or a suit with a vest without the jacket. Unless you’ll be having a wedding at a chilly coastal area, keep the jackets off.
  3. Loafers - That time when loafers and boat shoes are acceptable on your big day. Choose one that’s sleek and made of leather for a more complete vibe. You don’t want to risk looking incomplete with a pair of sandals. It’s just one day of pure happiness so you can do with a pair of loafers.

Whether you’re looking for a tux or suit, Hundred Dollar Suits offers a wide variety of mens suits for beach weddings. Decide on your fit, color and size then you’re all set for the big day. Don’t forget to have your measurements ready!

Shop Mens Suits For Beach Weddings

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