Men's Suits Glossary

Lapel - This single breast has a the notch lapel is for an everyday business suit to be worn around the office. It is used for informal occasions and events.


Peaked Lapel - The Peaked Lapel is a sharp twist to any occasion, whether it is an informal or black tie event. Although it was once for official dinners or events, the Peaked Lapel is now just for any forward learning person.


Center Vent - A single vent in the center of the suit jacket.This vent is placed there; it gives the suit expand when sitting. This is most popular in North American markets..


Side Vent - Side vented suit jacket has two vents on either side of the jacket. They always ready for mobility and easy access to pockets. The vents also make sitting down easier.


Double Padding - Double padding ultimately protects the front and facing pant from the waist to the knee. The padding also adds protection and durability to the pants. Avoid wrinkles and add another layer of protection.


Flex Fit - In the armpit area and the waist of the suit is a flexfit material helps stretches when the they are put on. This material gives that extra millimeter that a man might need to fit into.


Single Button - Once thought only used for informal events, now the single button suits are now being worn at formal events such as black tie events.


Double Button - The most popular suit for men to wear, the double button suit is worn at all occassions whether worn around the office or black tie event. The lean and taller a man is the better this suit will fit for them.


Besom Pocket - A pocket cut into a garment instead of being sewn on. The besom pocket has reinforced piping along the slit of the pocket, appearing perhaps as an extra piece of fabric or stitching.


Ticket Pocket - This pocket is a jetted pocket usually placed above the right main hip pocket on a men's jacket. It is normally roughly half as wide as the pocket below it.


Jetted Pocket - Once considered a pocket for only formal purposes, the jetted pocket is just another pocket. However, the difference from most pockets is there is no zipper or flap of the pocket.


Pleated Pants - With two ceases in the front of the pant legs, these pleated pants give the wearer are classy look. The pants also have extra room. These pants are worn at the waist above the hip bone, meaning they are raised high for full coverage.


Cuff Buttons - The proof that a suit is well-made is cuff buttons. These buttons are non functional other than aesthetics. This four cuff button style is known as kissing buttons because the buttons are touching each other.


Single Breasted - Single Breasted are suits that have one column of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric.


Wrinkle Resistant - Whether it is the two button or single button, the slim fit or the classic fit, all of the suits are wrinkle resistant.


3 Button - This Italian designed woolen made suit is soft to the touch and breathable. With its Modern fit for men who need more room in the thighs and chest it is a must own for informal occasions. It is a three buttoned, single breasted suit with a notched lapel. It also comes with slip pockets and flex fit, which gives even more room around the shoulders and thigh area.


Flap Pocket - Once considered the pocket for informal occasions, the flap pocket has become popular because they hide the pocket gap in a suit jacket. Also no zipper or button is needed to hold the contents of the pocket.