Slim Tie with Diagonal Blue Stripe Pattern

Marquis Slim Width Stripe Patterned Blue Tie




Versatile Slim Blue Tie Style

For the working class, a classic Slim Blue Tie is the top must have accessory. In order to appear polished for the office or perhaps even on a surprise date night, the gentleman's choice is the Marquis Slim Blue Tie for any occasion. The men’s tie is an important part of day to day wear especially for those who dress in suits most of the time. Your tie of choice usually determines how the full outfit looks in the end so you can never go wrong with a Slim Blue Tie because of the simplicity.

Dynamic Marquis Slim Blue Tie

Whether you’re a professional working in the industry or a budding entrepreneur, Hundred Dollar Suits is your go to online store for men’s clothing and accessories. The Slim Blue Tie with a modern diagonal stripe pattern is just one of the many available items to help create your most dynamic outfit. When your appearance looks sharp, you’ll have the confidence to take on any day to day challenge.

Marquis Slim Blue Tie Style Tips

The Slim Blue Tie has a high quality make and style assuring that you not only have quality but also contemporary design. Here are some ideas to get you started with the Marquis Slim Blue Tie:

  • Classic Standout - Match with Brown, Navy, Light Blue Suit
  • Double Stripe - Slim Blue Tie has thin to medium stripes, pair with Dress Shirt that has thick stripes
  • Minimal Crisp - Pair with White, Sand or Beige Dress Shirt

Your Sleek Slim Blue Tie

Make the Slim Blue Tie yours today! A basic staple in every modern day men’s closet, your choice of necktie not only brings out your personality but also perfects your daily work or leisure wear. Men of all ages across various industries can wear the Slim Blue Tie for the sleek stripe pattern that is sure to impress on all occasions. Remember to pair your tie with a One Button or Two Button suit to look dashing at all times.


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