La Milano Brown Laced Shoe

La Milano Brown Shoe




When To Wear La Milano Brown Shoe

These days dress codes have become more relaxed than in the early fifties because of more dressing opportunities due to availability of variety of brands.  If your dress suit is well cut and finely needled, you are more likely to be perfectly dressed up than a group of people present around you.

Nowadays, brown shoes have become popular for wearing with anything that you wear, be it from jeans to cavalry and corduroy to flannel. Our La Milano Brown Shoe at Hundred Dollar Suits is a perfect example for you to have in your cupboard to wear this with anything.

For Formal Wearing

It is common that if you are going with formal dressing you always want to go safe. Choose our brown shoe and use a light color dress suit to match your dressing without looking insane.

A Common Choice For Casual Outfits

Bold patterns and blends really fall under the category of casual wearing and always attract brown shoes. You can wear these at parties, weddings, a dinner at restaurant or a date with your partner.

The Endless Debate About Black Suit and Brown Shoes

There has been a long debate that whether you should wear brown shoes with black dress or not, frankly speaking, it is good to avoid the combination of black and brown. However, if you are wearing a smart black suit and you end up with our La Milano Brown Shoe as your footwear, you will definitely build a classic look that will make you look  even more interesting.  

Freedom To Go With Shoe Laces Or Lace Less

People have different choices, some people like to have laces on their shoes as they really want to hold their feet firmly with their shoes. On the other hand some may like to go for lace less shoes, either they do not want to waste their time in tightening their shoes with laces or they want their shoes to lie in comfort without tightening. At Hundred Dollar Suits, you can find both of these.

Look Of La Milano Brown ShoeIs More Versatile

It is a common phenomenon that brown shoes have never been the substitute for black shoes, but you should have at least one pair of brown shoe in your wardrobe if you are doing a white collar job. Brown may be more versatile and appealing as most men wear black. So, without any hesitation, along with its characteristic of versatility, you can add uniqueness as well with this shoe.



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