How we do it



How We Do It

Here at Hundred Dollar Suits, we can afford to keep our suits at such a low price through vertical integration. This concept allows us to run incredibly efficient and pass the savings back to our consumers. Direct control of every production step eliminates a high price markup. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to cut out the expense part of processing costs. Those savings can be passed on directly to you as a consumer.


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When it comes to suit quality, thread count is one of the most important factors. It can be neither too low nor too high. The higher the thread count, the finer the threads. This directly translates into a better overall quality of the suit.


Our suits thread count falls into the super 120/150 sweet spot. We feel that 120/150 is the perfect thread count for a suit because it is light enough to be worn everyday. At the same time, the thread count contributes to the suit’s versatility and robustness which adds to its long lifespan. All of our suits also have an inner lining of tetron silk which provides an extra layer of support and comfort..


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"Affordable suits that allow me to modernize my closet."


- Roman




"I decided to try one of these suits because of the price, now after receiving the suit I definitely feel it's a great value!"


- Mario





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