How to take care of your Suit

Proper care is essential to maintain this precious first suit and every one thereafter

Take note:
- Rule No. 1: Hang your suit up. As soon as you get home hang your suit up. Never use a flimsy wire hanger. Use a wide solid wood hanger curved like shoulders. Trousers should hang with inner seams lined up and cuffs together, either folded over a hanger with a wooden dowel, or straight and held by the cuff on a trouser hanger. The latter is good for relaxing wrinkles, but can misshape cuffs it left hanging too long. Since this is your only suit at the moment, not much chance of that.
- If a suit gets damp, allow it to breathe and dry. Don't put it in the closet. Instead, hang it on a proper wooden hanger over the back of an open door for a few hours or overnight.
- When the suit gets wrinkled from too much everyday wear or traveling, hang it in a closed bathroom and turn the shower on hot. Steam works wonders. Just be careful not to let the suit get near the shower. Wet is not what you want.

- View dry cleaning like the dentist. lt‘s something you must do, but as infrequently as possible. The chemicals and heat are very hard on a suit's fabric and structure. lt will wear much longer il you avoid the cleaners until it's absolutely necessary. Shoot for every six months, three at worst. Purchase a spot cleaner and use it if necessary. It will save both your money and your suit. If you get caught in a downpour or frequent humid climates, having the suit pressed occasionally by professionals revives it without cleaning. For best results, never wear a garment directly from the dry cleaners. Always remove and discard the plastic dry cleaner bags. Allow it to dry twenty-four hours in your closet.

- Remove your suit coat before sitting down for extended periods on planes and trains and in cars. If possible, hang it up; if not, gently fold it in half vertically along the back center seam (lapels and lining will be facing out). Then lay it down on a seat or overhead bin as flatly as possible, Sitting in a suit iacket causes excessive wrinkling.
- Keep a lint roller or good lint brush at home, at the office, and in the car. Better still: Use it. Especially those of you living with blondes, referring, of course, to golden retrievers. Sticky tape (Scotch, packing, duct) will do in a pinch.

Wear and tear

There eventually comes a point in the relationship when man must part with his beloved dark suit and select another. This point is often signaled by a distinct shine on the fabric resulting from too much wear. cleaning, and/or pressing. One solution is to purchase a second pair of trousers with each suit.