Suit Cuffs

The mark of a custom-tailored, expensive suit—one ot them, anyway—is sleeve culls that actually button. Many suits have imitation or sham holes, hut only the full custom suit can be matte with "surgeon sleeves" that open fully. Buttons on cuffs originated centunes ago when men weren't at liberty to remove their coats, but had to perform tasks—like surgery. for example——that might soil their suit sleeves. Unhuttoning allowed the sleeves to he pushed up. We no longer have such needs. Thank heavens, but the extra handwork of functional hutlonholes speaks to a suits quality. Some men relish those details.


 Suit trousers sit at the waist, just at the navel - not below it like jeans.


Suit Pant Hems

When having suit pants hemmed, make sure you are wearing the dress shoes you intend to wear with the suit. The hem should be one and three-quarters to two inches up trom the floor at the heel of the shoe. This will cause trousers to "break," or pool slightly. over the top of the shoe. This is fine. lt looks elegant. The point is to cover the entire sock as you stand and allow only a modicum of sock to show when walking. Some men don't get this and subsequently roam the earth with socks and shoes gleefully exposed. This is not-so-affectionately known as “high water" trousers and makes the wearer look pedestrian. Especially when he sits down, revealing his bare shins and beyond, assuming he hasn't gotten the memo for over-the-calf hose.

This isn‘t elementary school anymore. You're not going to trip over your pants at recess. Make sure they are long enough. it's a welcome sign ot maturity.


Suit Pants should have a 1 1/2 - 1 3/4-inch tall cuffs, depending on the wearer's height.