Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are another casually of less formal times. Some men continue the tradition with a white linen handkerchief tucked discreetly in the business suit breast pocket. Others add a colorful silk square with a navy blazer or other sports coat, which can add a touch of color it you're not wearing a tie.

lf you feel incomplete without a pocket square, a white linen or cotton handkerchief is acceptable, provided it is neatly stitched (preferably hand-hemmed) and shows no more than one-halt inch.

If pocket squares become part of your ensemble now or later, some things to know:

- A silk pocket square should complement the jacket, shirt, and tie, but never match the tie.

- The white handkerchief peeks out of the pocket. The silk square can be folded like a tulip or can he made to pouf.

- Learn to fold properly. Patterned silk should look relaxed, with a purposed casualness, but solid white should show neat, rigid points and look more formal.

- The pocket handkerchief is just for show, not to be used.