Dress Shirt Collars

Dress Shirt Collars may look pretty much alike, but there are subtle and important differences. Collars frame the face. When you are talking, your dress shirt collar and tie knot are the two things most people see. provided they’re paying attention. lt’s essential that these two elements he flattering.

Collars boil down to five basic styles: regular spread, narrow/point, button-down, British spread, and tab. You might haye seen other variations like rounded collars and exaggerated points, but those are for the fashion forward and, for now, that shouldn't be you.
The main thing to remember when choosing a collar is the frame should complement the picture. Again, contact us to help you any time.

- A large head or prominent jaw calls for a significant collar. A spread collar with some depth to it would be appropriate. A small collar only makes the head and jaw look more overbearing.

- A wide or round face is best balanced by a medium to long collar.

- A narrow face is balanced by a spread collar.

- A long neck calls for a spread with a high collar.

- A small head and Face are balanced with a slightly smaller collar.

Is there one collar that looks good on almost everyone? Yes.

The safe bet is a medium spread collar with medium point. But in collars as in life, don’t be eager to settle for safe when healthy exploration can lead to greater satisfaction.

Button-downs collars

For purposes of professional dress, button—down collars are second choice. They look somewhat collegiate, as was their Ivy League origin, and therefore less polished than a straight collar. They can also behave badly when paired with an incompatible tie and/or expansive neck. The combination causes the strained collar to bell out on either side in front like certain European nuns’ hats. To say this ruins a look ranks under “gross understatement."

Some collars come with buttons on the underneath side to discreetly anchor the points. These are fine, as long as the tailoring is quality and the points don’t ultimately curve up beyond the button.

If you are overly fond of button-down collars, despair not. Button-downs are perfectly acceptable for dress-down business (see Business Casual) in quality solids or quiet patterns. They are best paired with blazers and sport coats, because they are less dressy than other collars.


Collar pins

Yes, they look very elegant - and these days, overdressed on a young man. Like the tie tack, bracelet, and almost all other male jewelry, the collar pin adds unnecessary flash. It looks like you're trying too hard.


NOTE: Collar pins never go on buttoned-down collars. Never. For all the good it will do your professional image, you might as well stick it through your earlobe as in your buttoned-down collar.


Tab collars

Tab collars are straight collars with a little connecting piece of fabric that snaps beneath the tie to hold the collar in place. Tab collars are not as popular today but are enjoyed and worn by men who love custom shirts.


Dress Shirt Collar Fit

The secret of an attractive shirt collar is that it’s large enough to be worn comfortably all day while buttoned. It should never exert pressure. That’s why the collar

should always be one-half inch to three—quarters of an inch away. The heavier the man, the more room the collar should have.


TIP: Collar stays—those little removable reinforcements that slip down inside collar points—are your friend. They're not something the manufacturer put there for you to throw away. They keep your tips from curling up and the collar looking clean and neat. Take them out before the shirt goes to the laundry each time for safekeeping and put them back in when you wear it.

ln a pinch, a paper clip might work.



The collar of a dress shirt should fit closely, but you should be able to insert a finger behind the top button or any other portion of the collar when it's fastened. Any more room signifies it is too big. Any less and you can't swallow.

Conversely, beware the pinch fit. That's when your skin folds over the top. It makes everyone uncomfortable, wearer and alike. Since our neck size expands when we sit. ir‘s best not to make a size decision while standing.


TIP: sit down with your dress shirt on to check if the collar is still comfortable.



A white collar on a colored shirt

You may have seen a white collar on a colored shirt, say a nice soft biue shade for example—is a classic look that denotes elegance. There is nothing wrong with this except it is not mainstream and, therefore. not the safest choice for the young executive trying to make good initial impressions.