Building the Dress Shirt Wardrobe

Now that you understand the basics of a good dress shirt, you are ready to buy twelve. Why twelve? This number allows you to put five in in the laundry each week and have seven to wear. Remember, one clean shirt should remain at your office at all times in case the waiter spills soup on you during lunch. You can never afford to be unprepared.

Note there is no dark-colored dress shirt. It is not traditionally business; it is fashion. Add the serious classic shirts first; then you can branch out.

ln our palette of pales. we have also left off yellow, pink, green, and purple. Although some of these can he added in your second dozen shirts, none is recommended for an important day in a young professional's career.


When expanding the shirt wardrobe, you want to think about variety to give your basic dark suits life and legs.


- three white solids

- one white solid with French cuffs

- four light blue solids

- one navy stripe

- one red stripe

- one burgundy stripe

- one black or gray small pattern (stripe or small check)