In the Beginning - planning your executive wardrobe and your first suit

We‘ve all seen them. Those huge, walk-in, mahogany-lined, compartmentalized closets with brass rods. Beautiful custom-tailored suits hanging in a perfect row. A wardrobe of dress shirts.

A coordinated selection of blazers, sports coats, and trousers. A line of shoes, starting with dark leather lace-ups, ending with athletic shoes. Casual and sports clothing folded and tucked neatly into the flush, built-in drawers. Ditto for accessories.  Cashmere robe draped over a hook. Chances are this is not your closet. Not yet, anyway.

But this is the closet to which we aspire. Don’t despair it your current storage is nothing more than one rod, a clumsy top shelf, and a floor full of heaven-knows-what. What's hanging there is our current concern. It should be yours, too.

There’s hope. As with many things in life, one step at a time. We start here with the staple of an aspiring professional’s wardrobe: the suit. lf you can afford only one at the moment, that's OK. Make -sure it's the right one. We'll help. Then

we'll begin building a basic business wardrobe. Beyond that, we’ll explore the elements of the executive closet, the kind pictured here. We’ll look at custom tailoring, exquisite fabrics, refined details, and the kind of style that becomes a successful man's signature.

This is where the fun starts.


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