Gold Bow Tie

Gold Bow Tie
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Product Description: Gold Bow Tie

Gold Bow Tie

Do you want to lighten up your wardrobe? Perhaps you want a little color to the same old, traditional garbs that everyone wears? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need not look any further then the Gold bow tie. While not completely discarding the tradition, it certainly is different from the rest and makes you stand out like a beacon in a sea of black while making you feel unique. The Gold bow tie is perfect for weddings.

Quality Material

  • The Gold bow tie is made from polyester making it resistant to wear and tear
  • The polyester gives it the appearance of high quality silk


  • The Gold bow tie , as the name suggests, is a light golden color
  • The color is completely uniform and the shape is the butterfly

Perfect Size

  • The Gold Bow tie is not so big that it looks awkward
  • Neither is it so small that it is neglected by the onlookers
  • It can be made used for both young and adults

When to wear the Gold Bow Tie?

The Gold bow tie can be worn to almost any formal event and many informal events as well. This bow tie guarantees attention from the crowd and while some might find it too flashy or deviating from the norm, in any case it helps to set you apart from the masses. The best place to wear the Gold bow tie is almost definitely to a wedding, especially if you have a close connection to the bride/groom. It is sure to catch attention and signify you as someone of importance to the wedding. Bring some color with you wherever you go with this Gold bow tie.


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