Florsheim Saddle Tan Montinaro Shoe

These are Florsheim Saddle Tan Montinaro Shoes. They feature a saddle tan outer material, a comfortable sole, breathable lining, and a stylish double buckle across the top. These shoes are regular fit and can be worn during any season.





Florsheim Saddle Tan Montinaro Shoe

The Tan Montinaro Shoe

These Tan Montinaro Shoes provide security and style all in one. They have two, front, extendable, adjustable, buckles. These dark chocolatey dress shoes allow any gentlemen to safely travel to work, school, vacation with comfort, security, safety, and flexibility. These all seasonable shoes can make any of your occasional outfits look cleaner, neater, and more form fitting. The Tan Montinaro Shoes make most gentleman seem selective, clean, and properly prepared. These shoes emit a sense of hard work, commitment, and genuinely impeccable taste.

How To Match

Wear these Tan Montinaro Shoes with your favorite go to outfits. They can be matched with a sleek button down black shirt and blue jeans. They can also be matched with a white, gray, and  brown cashmere sweater with a white, blue, brown, tan or any other colored under button down dressy shirt and these tan shoes. Clearly these Tan Montinaro Shoes can be worn with anything from your light outfits to your heavy winter coats, Don’t be afraid to bring about a different but, sophisticated look to the table. Ultimately, these shoes can make any gentleman look and feel better.

Eventful Outings

The Tan Montinaro Shoes can add to any fun, uplifting, or themed event. Conveniently, it adds spice and flare to any outfit meant for dinner parties, art galleries, family events, or even first dates. These Tan Montinaro Shoes supply durable support and smooth, sleek look.

Gentleman’s Checklist:

Match with Hundred Dollar Suits Brown and White Houndstooth Two Button Modern Fit Jacket with Elbow Patches


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