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Key Menswear Brand - Berragamo Suits 

Berragamo Suits are known for their premium quality tailoring and classic designs. Being a key brand of menswear products, Berragamo suits have an excellent place in men’s wardrobes. All Berragamo suits are suitable to be worn for any occasion that calls for a good suit. Whether the event is in Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter, the top notch fabric is amazingly wearable with comfort and breathability in mind. Stay sharp, feel comfortable and boost your confidence with Berragamo suits.

Distinct Berragamo Suits Designs

A key feature of Berragamo Suits is the structured overall impression you get when putting the suit on. Nothing feels more comfortable than a well structured suit draping over your frame. The right fit also counts to this point. Make sure you know your body build, size and height well. Some men often mistake that all it takes is a good looking suit. Berragamo suits available at Hundred Dollar Suits come in Slim Fit and Modern Fit designs. These two fits work well for both slender and average frames.

Berragamo Suits Features

The Berragamo suits range features a traditional two button suit jacket. The two button Berragamo suit is a conventional must have in every men’s wardrobe. Take note that when wearing a two button suit, remember to leave the second button undone and keep the top button on. This is not just a typical do or don’t but it essentially creates a slimming effect where the waistline buttons creating a fit silhouette. The available Berragamo suits have the best colors from basic Black, cool Gray, warm Tan to crisp White. Pick whichever that suits the occasion.

Buy Berragamo Suits Online

When buying suits online, remember to always have your measurements ready. Though Berragamo suits come in different sizes and fittings, it’s always good to have an extra set of your own measurements to help guide your choices. Don’t forget to read our handy “What’s My Suit Size?” page for more information on how you can make the right suit choice according to your height and size.