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  • Tailor Made 34s Suits For Small Stature

    Normally, men are faced with the struggle of big sizes not always being available. But what about particularly small sizes? This is where the 34s Suits sizing play an important role. Celebrities like Bruno Mars, Daniel Radcliffe and Lenny Kravitz come to mind because of their small but well built stature. When dressed in suits fit to their size, they always turn up flawless and fresh in style. You can too when you shop our 34s Suits range.

    Choosing 34s Suits For Everyday Wear

    34s Suits should be your top choice when you’re between the heights of 5’4’’ and 5’6’’ with a small frame. Consider 34s Suits with an Ultra Slim or Slim Fit. These fits were made for you because of the tailoring and design that accentuates lean builds making sure the clothing hangs just right on your body frame. The 34s Suits at Hundred Dollar Suits are made with quality fabric that is not too heavy yet durable which is the perfect choice for daily wear.

    Top 34s Suits Trending Styles

    Explore the fashion forward 34s Suits guide down below to help you get started with the 3 best styles.

    1. The Classic - The Man in Black. There is probably nothing more foolproof than a Black Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit, paired with a crisp and clean white dress shirt. When worn with black or brown dress shoes, subtle accessories and a sleek hairstyle, you are more than good to go.
    2. The Bold - The Trending Summer look is the White or Ivory Suit. The White Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit will definitely turn some heads when you walk by. Make sure to include tan or light brown shoes, a light blue dress shirt and very subtle jewellery. This Suit speaks for itself, so keep the accessories to the minimum.
    3. The Business Casual - Popular trend is the Navy suit. Navy is such a versatile and masculine color. Just combine the Navy Ultra Slim Fit Two Button Suit with any dress shirt according to personal preference. Gray and White are the most obvious picks. A Lilac dress shirt emphasizes the Navy Suit suitably as well.

    Ready to make the leap and put on our 34s Suits? Just follow the above fail proof tips along the way and you’ll look dapper at any occasion be it formal or casual. Jump right in and grab the 34s Suits online today!

  • According to researchers at Princeton University, a first impression doesn’t take longer than the blink of an eye. That is the whole reason why the phrase ‘dress for success’ is so true. Because humans take such a short time to process an impression of people they meet for the first time, you should always be aware of your wardrobe as well. What we see is what first grabs our attention. Continue reading

  • If you are the unsophisticated type like me you probably don’t get invited to many fancy parties. And if you are like me you can barely dress yourself. So you can’t understand why anyone would want to dress up just to get drunk. However, it is a good to know proper etiquette when it comes to these types of events. Why? Well, one reason is to be respected. Also if you appear respectable people will want to talk to you. If people want to talk to you you will be able to rejoin society. So wipe the Cheeto dust off your face and let’s talk about Black Tie Events.

    What is a Black Tie Event

    A black tie event is traditionally a semi-formal event usually starting after 6pm. These events are less formal than white tie events, but more formal than business dress. Black tie events started in Britain and the United States around the mid to late 19th century. In the United States, men usually wear tuxedos with a peaked lapel rather than a suit.

    Getting Invited to a Black Tie Event

    Now you have been invited to a black tie event. So you think you are just going to get a black tie, a nice suit, and hand out, but don’t. They might not let you in with what you are wearing. I know what you are thinking rich people have so many rules. I know, but thankfully I’m here to guide you, so they don’t smell your poverty too much.

    After you are invited, look at the invitation to see what kind of black tie event it is. Is it a black tie or black tie optional or black tie preferred event? The different between these are important. Black tie is strictly a tuxedo event, while preferred you can wear a suit and optional wear something formal. The different between optional and preferred is important here. Preferred means that if you do not have a tuxedo go with the next option the suit. Whereas, the optional is formal dress.

    To Conclude

    So you finally figured out how to read this invitation and found out it was a black tie not black tie preferred event. So now you have your tuxedo and are going to the event. Good luck. Hopefully you don’t get kicked out.

  • Its boat season, which means kick off your dress shoes, roll up your cuffs, and set sail. The summer is all about converting your current wardrobe to fit the hot weather. What better place to showcase all of your stylish clothes than on your boat.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a little dingy or a 150 ft. mega-yacht, you’re style will always be impeccable. Here are my 5 tips to adapting your suit for boating season.

    Dress for the occasion

    As much as I’d love to see you fishing in a suit, it’s probably not the most practical thing to be wearing. Now, if you’re bringing your girl on the boat for the first time, I’d suggest our Tan Suit, but the jacket only. Pair it with some navy blue shorts and a white v-neck for a modern take on the classic sailor color palette. Or reverse it and wear the Navy Suit’s jacket with a white shirt and tan shorts. For fancier events, you can’t go wrong with black. Pair our Black Suit with a black bow tie and dance the night away with you lady.

    Ditch the shirt

    No, I don’t mean altogether. But ditch the classic button-down shirt. Wear our Light Grey or Tan Suit with a neutral polo for a signature right off the golf-course look. Pair it with some down to earth loafers or Sperry’s.

    Getting Away for the Weekend?

    If you’re itching for a weekend getaway, but have no time to change. Try rolling the pants of your suit up, ditch your shoes, lose the jacket, and unbutton your shirt halfway down for a modern pirate look. Just don’t try to sink anyone; the Coast Guard might not like that.

    Wet - Not a problem

    Your suit isn’t afraid of water and neither should you be. It’ll survive some slat spray and maybe a light splash before it needs the dreaded dry cleaner. Just don’t go diving in it.

    Let Her Steal It

    It gets cold at night and what better use for your jacket than to lend it out. Give your jacket to to her if she’s feeling chilly and watch how she snuggles into you. The rest, well, that's up to you.

  • As you go for a job interview, being dressed well will help your confidence greatly. Especially, if you’re dressed like you already have the job. So here are our 5 interview style tips to what's best, what’s not, and what to wear for a job interview.

    1. Dress Up

    Obviously, that doesn't mean show up in a tuxedo, but it does mean that you should come to an interview looking proper and put together. A good interview style to emulate is confidence, which translates to a suit for men and a skirt or pants  suit for women.

    2. Nail the Fit

    Make sure that everything fits you nicely, it should neither be too tight nor too loose. Don’t wear anything that you’ve never worn before. If something doesn’t fit you correctly or you just don’t feel right, your interviewer is going to notice.

    3. There's a Reason it's Timeless

    “You should be the focus of your interview, not your clothing”, says Stacy Lindenberg, owner of Talent Seed Consulting. Therefore, keep it simple with rather conservative outfits. You can still pull out your funky stuff when you’ve actually got the job. Also opt for subtle jewelry and style your hair in a sleek way. You can still add one little detail that is going to set you apart, but don’t overdo it.

    4. Ask your Interviewer

    If you’re unsure about what to wear at all, just double-check with the company. They are going to appreciate you being so well-prepared and detail-oriented. That way, you cannot do anything wrong and you head to that job interview with a feeling of security.

    5. Investing is fine, But Don’t Overdo It

    Interviewers are not going to care about the designer of your suit, so don’t think you have to invest several hundred dollars in a special suit to interview in. Choose things that look nice, but don’t cost a fortune. A good move may be buying one piece that is pricey and then combining it with more affordable items. That way, your whole outfit gets an upgrade.

  • It has happened again: You have an important meeting, you’re already running late and of course you’ve forgotten the most important part. Your suit hasn't been to the dry-cleaner. Consequently, you immediately start panicking and don't know how to deal with this emergency.
    Just a reminder: If you are the proud owner of a Hundred Dollar Suit already, stop reading. Hundred Dollar Suits' fiber is wrinkle-resistant, so that you don't have to concern yourself with timely and expensive trips to the dry-cleaner.
    Everyone else: Don't worry, we've got your back. There are several ways of refurbishing your suit to its original condition without visiting a dry-cleaner.

    Sponge and Press

    There is a method that is called “Sponge and Press”. You’re going to see why in a minute. Lay the jacket or trousers on the ironing board, get a slightly damp sponge and some soap and start rubbing the stains. Dab the soap away with another sponge or a cloth, which will be slightly damp. Use a pressing cloth and give a finishing press to the garment. Just in case you don’t know what a pressing cloth is: It is the term used for that piece of fabric you cover your delicate fabrics with when ironing or steaming them.
    Finally, hang it to air in a warm place for a couple minutes, like your boiler cupboard or airing cupboard.

    Using a Steam Cleaner

    You could also just apply a steam cleaner.  If you haven't got one by hand, try leaving the suit on its hanger and holding a steam iron or a steam generator iron vertically. Then press the steam release button and steam-clean it that way.

    The Steamy Bathroom-Method

    Last but not least, you can try this out: If you realize that your suit is not ready to wear right after waking up in the morning, jump in the shower, turn up the heat and take your suit with you. No, not what you’re thinking. Don’t wear it, instead hang it up nicely inside the hot and steamy bathroom. This kills several birds with one stone: Your suit is turning crease-free while you’re enjoying a nice and relaxing shower.

  • When entering the business world, there is one thing that will always look professional and make people think you are already a CEO of a high-achieving company, a proper briefcase. The classic model, rectangle-shaped leather bags, are an effortless way of upgrading your outfit and storing all your important documents in one place. Do you remember the scene from How I Met Your Mother, when Marshall starts his first day of work and turns up with an empty briefcase? You can let him inspire you. Just make sure yours looks like it is actually full of job essentials.

    Its history

    The bag closest to the briefcase is probably the Roman Loculus, used during the 1st and 3rd centuries. It was usually made of a single goat or a calf leather hide. Its shape was achieved by adding leather straps which met in the center in a bronze ring. During the 20th century, the briefcase evolved from the infamous red briefcase, used to hold the British Budget Papers, to a bulky leather case during the 60s and 70s of the past century. The 1980s saw designer labels catching up on the briefcase and creating must-have accessories.

    Evolving into a statement piece

    There is one salient difference between today's briefcases and the ones that preceded it. Newer briefcases are about making a statement and about determining one's own identity. While, ones from the past were purely about functionality. The reason why they evolved into such statement pieces is politicians and government officials shaping their connotation.

    Useful tips

    Although you don't need to pick the most expensive version, invest in one that will last you for long. If this is your first briefcase, try opting for a classic, easy-to-combine color like black or dark brown.

    Materials range from from classic leather to aluminum and they come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing yours, bring one of your suits as well. By doing that, you can match styles. Your new briefcase will let you carry your everyday essentials in an effortless and fashionable way.

  • How to wear a Vest

    Up until now, it has always been about the classic two-piece suit. It consists of the jacket and its match, the pants. But why stop there? A vest makes a major difference when dressing up in a suit. Below, I will outline  what the fuss is all about.  What should you consider when adding this piece to your wardrobe? Continue reading

  • Why Dress Shoes Don’t Drive

    A fashion faux pas can be embarrassing, but not dangerous. At least in most cases. But when driving, you should pay close attention to your footwear. The wrong shoes can become jammed behind your brake pedal or gas pedal, causing an accident. According to Flaxman Law Group, “thick-soled shoes can make it very difficult to tell how much pressure you’re applying to brakes, so that you brake suddenly or speed without realizing it, which can lead to an accident,” they say. Continue reading

  • Socks might not be on your list of items to consider about a fully suited outfit. That’s why mistakes happen easily. Here comes a quick guide to your perfect hosiery. How are dress socks different from normal ones? They are usually longer, come in more discreet colors and are made of a thinner material. The latter gives them a finer, smoother look and feel than the one normal ones deliver.

    How to make matches

    Just one simple rule: If your dress socks match your pants, you’re good to go. This creates a non-distracting, streamlined look that will serve as another add-on to your elegance. Version two of this rather low-key style would be aligning them with your shoes. These are rules that always apply and never fail.

    When socks fail

    Let’s state the obvious: Your anklets should match one another and be in perfect condition. Why do I even mention this? Firstly, many of us forget to pay attention to our socks because we are too busy with coordinating the rest of our outfit. Secondly, when having to take off your shoes unexpectedly, you don’t want to embarrass yourself. When dressing up in a suit, dress socks are an accompaniment that adds this tiny little detail worth noting.

    Here comes the fun..

    This whole article has suggested a very conservative approach to hosiery. More colors will switch things up. When starting to suit up every single day for work, you will become more confident in choosing your outfits, including your hosiery. That’s the point at which you are allowed to play around with different patterns, colors and fabrics. Try getting a bit funky by creating cool contrasts. I'm throwing oxblood colored socks in with a blue suit here. Now you're ready to rock this suit-sock party.

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