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  • The Charming Suits Of Prince Harry!

    The Charming Suits Of Prince Harry!

    Every girl dreams of her “prince charming” and the actual Prince tied the knot so better luck next time girls. Marrying the woman he loved Meghan Markle, the associate we all loved on Suits - The TV Serial we all loved.

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  • Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide

    Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide part 4

    Moccasin shoe leathers, number 4:

    By the time of the Second World War, they were mostly restricted to resorts and souvenir shops. After the end of the war, a new generation took to the highways to explore their country’s natural beauty and rediscovered the moccasin. By this time advances in the manufacturing sector enabled them to be made in different types of leathers and colors. They very soon regained their popularity, which is evidenced by the fact that the company Minnetonka Moccasins was founded in 1946. Today, most moccasins feature a double sole for increased durability and original moccasins are rarely worn on the street, because of pavement and concrete and much harder surfaces. As such, you will sometimes find added rubber or leather soles added to make more wearable in the 21. century. Some also use them for shoes around the house.

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  • Outfits you can Match with your Kids

    Outfits you can Match with your Kids


    Which day is not a good day to match your outfit with your kids? You can get to enjoy your time looking at the mini-you and you will definitely get overloaded with love by looking at your kids like that.

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  • Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide

    Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide part 3

    Moccasin shoe leathers, number 1:

    Moccasins were made from soft tanned hides of deer or buffalo or bison rawhide was used for the hard soled variety. You can also find moccasins made of deerskin or moosehide. They were assembled inside out and thus the stitching was hidden. Sinew / Tendon was used for the stitching and holes would be punched through the hide to facilitate it. The knot would be kept on the outside to facilitate comfort. The whip stitch and the running stitch were commonly used.

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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Cotton Chino Shorts This Summer

    Top 6 Cotton Shorts Make You Feel Comfortable

    We wear shorts because they make us feel comfortable but if these shorts are not made of a good material, comfort will be thrown out of the window.

    Keeping this thing in mind, cotton shorts were invented. Contrary to their other peers, they provide us the necessary air, observe sweat, and make us feel relaxed.

    Yet another big challenge is:

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  • Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide

    Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide part 2

    The history of the Moccasin shoe, number 2:

    Although there are various style moccasins that evolved due to different habitats and climates, they can be broadly divided into two types: hard sole and soft sole. Hard sole Moccasins are typically associated with the western plains and desert areas of North America. The hard sole was often made of tough bison leather and designed to protect the feet of the wearer from the harsh cactus and prairie-grass typical of the terrain in those areas. In addition, it also provided protection from sharp rocks. The hard sole Moccasin shoe was usually made from two or more pieces of leather. They usually have a turned up toe which prevented sharp objects from running into the seams and injuring the foot.

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  • Kanye West Combined His Suit With… Slides!

    Why do we prefer Sandals over slippers or shoes?

    Because they’re easy-going, comfortable, and go well with most occasions.

    You can’t go from the beach to the trails, and then have a dinner at a fancy restaurant without changing your shoes or slippers. But you can with your Sandals. Nobody will ask why you’re wearing a different kind of footwear.

    So, if Sandals offer you such relaxation and flexibility, why wouldn’t you buy yourself a pair?

    The answer is worth thinking and this is the reason we have brought you a collection of:

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  • Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide

    Moccasin shoes and driving Mocs guide part 1

    Moccasin shoes:

    The moccasin has a long history but first, let’s clarify what the term actually stands for. Moccasin is a heelless shoe of soft leather, the sole of which may be hard or soft and flexible. In soft-soled moccasins, the sole is brought up the sides of the foot and over the toes, where it is joined by a puckered seam to a U-shaped piece lying on top of the foot. The upper part of the moccasin is often adorned with embroidery, beading, or other ornaments. Some people claim a genuine moccasin does not have a separate sole, and while it is true that the moccasins of many American Indian tribes did not feature a sole, because the soft leather was ideal for forest grounds and hunting, tribes who resided in the mountains or prairie often attached a separate sole of bison leather. The moccasins were more suited to their environment. Shoes with heels, such as a Norwegian and loafers, are often advertised as moccasins, but that is incorrect and what they refer to is the “moccasin style” U-shaped leather uppers.

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  • Mens Suits and Blazers

    Check blazers!

    They’re often underestimated and all thanks to classic fashion icons and James bond movies — most men always favor plain suits over them.

    But they often forget one thing:

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    When to wear crazy and bold socks, and how to match them

    Go Bold and Wild with Crazy Color Socks, But How?

    Don’t confuse yourself with bold and novelty socks as both have a different concept. Bold socks are worn to bring more attention to your outfit and they do not seem messy. On the other side, novelty socks bring newness in your dressing and look funnier which means they are not used to maintain the class of your dress. Traditionally, socks are of solid colors and small patterns on them. While bold color socks are brighter in colors and contain large patterns.

    Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with some excellent tips to wear socks like a pro.

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