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  • Why you need to own a pair of patent leather shoes

    There is one important thing that you should know about shoes. They are worn according to occasion and the dress you’re wearing. You can’t go to office or in a business meeting wearing sports shoes on a three-piece. Similarly, going on a date wearing formal shoes over a hoodie or a leather jacket is not cool.

    Now, if you’re a regular office goer and are looking for some really cool formal shoes to wear, you’re at the right place.

    Here we present:

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  • 3 Outfit ideas with Polo shirts

    While most gentlemen love wearing plain shirt, there’s still a major group of people who have a fetish for designer shirts.

    The reason is very simple. Designer shirts (also known as graphics shirts) are casual and vibrant. They can instantly make you look cool. Hence, they’re a must buy.

    However, the biggest problem is that it’s not easy to decide which designer shirts you should buy and which you should.

    So, we’re here with this list of:

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  • How to correctly Hem trousers

    There are many people out there who love wearing blue trousers. The reason is simple. Blue is a wonderful color that can magically improve your looks.

    This makes blue a wonderful choice to invest.

    However, there’s a slight problem. People are just confused what to wear with them. Even I faced the same struggle in the beginning. It was after a lot of research and a few mistakes I was able to learn.

    But I don’t want you to go through the same phase. That’s why I am here with this:

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  • How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

    When it comes to fashion, it’s very important to stay up-to-date. Still, there are some things that look sexier if they’re vintage.

    Vintage cars! Antique watches! Tuxedos from 70s and 80s – don’t they make you feel something?

    But we’re not here to talk about them. Our topic of discussion is Vintage sunglasses.

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  • Eyebrow grooming guide

    Eyebrow grooming guide part 5

    Do’s and don’ts of eyebrow grooming, number 2:

    Do restrain yourself while shaping your eyebrows. Less is definitely more because it is very difficult to get full brow hair to grow back. Just ask any woman who lived through the 1990s. Do not use any electric trimmer. That will either leave gaps or something that looks really unnatural and it is not at all the look you want.

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  • Eyebrow grooming guide

    Eyebrows grooming guide part 4

    Step by step eyebrow grooming, number 3: trim the length of the individual hairs

    To do so, break each brow into two sections. The body, which is closest to the nose and a tail which is closest to your ears. For the body, use a fine-tooth comb and comb the hair upwards and towards the center of your face. Start by matching the angle of the comb to the angle of your eyebrow and then slightly tilt it upwards towards the center of your face. By doing that, you get a little more variation in the length of the hair trim which is better looking because it is more natural similar to feathering when you get your hair cut. It also helps to maintain a shorter inside length and a longer outside length. Make sure to trim off the hair at that angle but then comb it back down to see the results. Repeat until all the hairs on this side are trimmed and then you move over to the other brow. This way, you can always compare what the final result should look like while you are still working on it.

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  • Eyebrow grooming guide

    Eyebrow grooming guide part 3

    Step by step eyebrow grooming, number 1: determine the shape of your brows

    So first, hold your comb vertically over the center of your nostril which determines the length of the inside brow. Of course, you do this on both sides. Some men argue that it looks better to have the brows aligned with the outside of your nostrils. Personally, I think the center of the nostril is better because especially if you have a bigger nose, the center will create a more harmonious look whereas if you have shorter brows on the inside, it will just make your nose look even bigger which is not advantageous. Align the outside of your nostril with the corner of your eye and where the comb meets the brow, that is where the brow should end. Align the outside of the nostril with the outside of the iris and where the comb intersects with your brow is where the high point or the peak point of the shape of your eyebrow should be.

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  • Eyebrow grooming guide

    Eyebrows grooming guide part 2

    Eyebrows accentuate your eyes and they are an important aspect of your facial expressions because they communicate emotion. Groomed brows will give you a neat and polished look but you will still look masculine.

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  • Eyebrow grooming guide

    Eyebrows grooming guide part 1

    Why you should groom your eyebrows, number 1:

    Basically, it gives your face definition, shape and it enhances the look of it. Overgrown eyebrows definitely have the potential to distract from your face as well as your eyes and leave a negative connotation when people look at you. Even though we do not think about it much, it really stands out. Think about the guy with a unibrow or the guy with really overgrown eyebrows, it is just a very bad look.

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  • Boat shoes guide

    Boat shoes guide part 5

    Breaking in boat shoes, number 2:

    If your leather is stiff, a good way to go about breaking in your new boat shoes is to get them wet. After all, they are meant to be worn around boats. Put on your shoes, get them wet and then let them dry wearing them. Others prefer to apply oil to their boat shoes until they are saturated. Then they wrap them in the newspaper and let them dry in the shade. The oil will soften the leather which in turn will allow you to break them in without the pain. The Chromexcel leather has already undergone this softening process with natural oils, so you can definitely skip that step. Bear in mind, though, everything you do to break in your new shoes is done at your own risk.

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