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  • The draped scarf. The draped scarf.

    The winters may be getting milder due to global warming, but scarves still look pretty sweet. Usually a scarf is rather associated with women’s fashion. However, now the item is becoming more and more popular with men’s fashion. So stop being afraid of scarves and buy one already. Scarves come in many shapes and sizes. There are probably options for you, if you want one. Scarves go well with well shaven men in an overcoat off to a business meeting on a crisp Tuesday in New York. But scarves go well with that drunken hipster throwing up the dive bar down street. Whether going to a meeting or getting drunk it is important to know how to tie one of these. Here are 3 simple ways to tie a scarf.

    The Once Around Scarf Tie

    The once around is the simple tie for a scarf. What you do is start as if you are tying a tie. With one side longer than the other. Take the longer side and toss it over the shorter side. That is literally it. It is fast and simple. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone actually having a problem with this tie.

    The French Knot Tie

    The French knot or the Parisian knot is simple. First, fold the two sides of the scarf in half. Second, take what you have folded and throw it over your shoulders. Thirdly, take the ends of the scarf and pull the ends through the loop. Finally, pull snugly. Now you have a French knot.

    The Drape

    The drape is the simplest how to tie scarves. If you come up with an easier way to tie one please let everyone know. People love being lazy. Here’s what you do. Put the scarf on your shirt. Then put your coat on. That’s literally all you do.

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