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  • 6 tips on how to dress like a gentleman on a budget

    How to be a Gentleman Without Spending Too Much Money Part One!

    If you want to fill your wardrobe with exclusive clothes which stands right with your gentleman appearance and go along with the time of fashion, but you cannot afford buying those expensive outfits over and over again and cannot throw them away after using just once or twice as you have to keep a check on your financial plans, then you need to follow our easy and simple tips.

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  • Lounge suit guide

    Lounge suit guide part 2

    Tips for a lounge suit dress code, number 1:

    You can either wear single-breasted or double-breasted, a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit. Unlike the dress code black tie, which is very formal and very distinct, the lounge suit dress code gives you a little more flexibility and room to mix up your outfit. For ladies, for example, a lounge suit means either a cocktail dress or some form of a gown.

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  • Barney Stinson - God of Suits!

    4 Things You Shouldn’t Spend More Money on!

    Feeling luxury, changing your lifestyle, and revamping yourself, are absolutely great, I agree with that. But there are certain things that are not worth your money and are best if you just buy them cheap because being sumptuous is not what they are capable of. Following is the list of top 4 things on which you should stop spending more money.

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  •     Lounge suit guide

         Lounge suit guide part 1

    With two words lounge and suit, suit means you have a matching pair of pants and a jacket. It comes from the French term suivre which means to follow. So your jacket follows your pants, your pants follow your jacket. A suit is not a combination, meaning a jacket, like a blazer or an orphaned suit jacket that is then combined with a contrasting pair of pants or a different color or pattern. Sometimes, people also wear a dark blue pair of slacks with a dark blue jacket but they are not made of the same fabric, that is not a suit either. So when you have a suit, make sure the fabric is the same for the jacket and for the pants. Today, when people think of a lounge, they assume a more casual outfit and a suit to them is a more formal outfit. In fact, for most men out there, wearing a suit is likely the most formal garment they will wear on a regular day-to-day basis.

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  • You Need to Check the Following Suits if You’re a Big Man.

    Spruce Up and Look Adaptable with a Three Piece Suit for Your Next Event

    Fashion is certainly imperative since it makes individuals look flawless and brilliant in the correct clothing and this has enhanced the society. The word fashion patterns mean a difference in garments style, fashion can say a lot around one's identity, or additionally about the condition the world is in at the time. Assortment has dependably pulled in man's consideration. A new dress on the screen can't go unnoticed. The impression sets on the brains of the fashion cognizant individuals. Their following stage is to chase for the comparable dress in boutiques and significant fashion joints or visit the tailor to get the dress sewed.

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  • How to correctly Hem trousers

      How a dress shoe should fit part 3

    Tips on a how a dress shoe should fit, number 6: Indicator of a good fit

    So one little secret that you do not hear about very often is that when you remove the shoe and you get that sound like the release of a vacuum, that is a good indicator that you have a tight fit. On a bespoke shoe, that is usually what you get and it is also a little more difficult to take them off. So if you experience that, chances are this shoe fits your foot quite well.

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  • 3 most common beginner men style mistakes

    3 Mistakes You Must Avoid if You are a Beginner in Men Style!

    Initially, everyone makes mistakes but that isn’t the end of the world. You are just on the road to learn more and succeed more in styling. Just be patient because I am about to tell you 3 common mistakes you should avoid leading towards the road of styling pro. Don’t rush, men, follow our guide.

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  • How to correctly Hem trousers

        How a dress shoe should fit part 2

    Tips on a how a dress shoe should fit, number 3: Tight heels provide a bespoke-shoe-like feel

    Most shoe companies design shoes so it is very roomy and wide so it fits every kind of shoe, however, it is very important that it is very close to your heel because that way, it hugs your foot, you are not going to slide out when you walk, and it is a lot more comfortable to wear a shoe that way. Because of that, all bespoke shoes are always very tight.

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  • The versatility of a denim jacket for different occasions

    Jackets for Man Are Extremely Versatile

    Form has propelled full throttle, changing absurdly through various periods of time. Have you at any point pondered what amount of design has changed throughout time? Have you asked why it has changed so drastically? Or then again how quick it could change? In spite of the fact that the manner in which we dress currently is totally unique, everything rotates around putting forth mold expressions. Form style is essential, your garments put forth your mold statement and how you are seen. So "Wear what is appropriate for you, and put your own stamp on it".

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  • The business attire dress code guide

    The business attire dress code guide part 2

    The business attire dress code also called business formal or boardroom attire is the most formal thing you can wear in a professional office environment. This dress code requires you to wear a dark business suit, either a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit with a waistcoat. The shirt should be white or light blue or maybe a pastel color, it can be stripped with a very small pattern, but overall, solids are preferable. You should go with a conservative necktie either a dark red or dark blue and it can have solid or a small pattern or stripes. You could either go with suspenders with a fishtail back or you can have a belt that matches the color of the shoes or you can just go without any of those two things and just have side adjusters on your trousers. It also means you have over the calf dress socks that do not expose your legs in the office and optionally, you can have a pocket square that has hand rolled edges.

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