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  • Groomsman attire guide part 5

    Groomsman etiquette, number 5:

    Try to avoid something that could make them embarrassed or feel like they are not the center of attention because that’s their day. Always go a notch down, otherwise, keep it simple.

    Groomsman etiquette, number 6:

    If they do not say anything, wear a suit and communicate, that is really the best thing you can do. If they do not say anything and you cannot reach them, I would suggest going with a simple plain necktie nothing too bold something in silver or black, or a small subtle pattern. Not something in red or a bold color because it stands out too much. I would go with a white pocket square with a white dress shirt and maybe a boutonniere but you should ask them specifically if they want that because traditionally, at weddings, that is something at least the groom wears, maybe the father of the bride, maybe the father of the groom but sometimes, the entire wedding party. So that is definitely something you want to figure out because it can be considered off-putting to just wear a boutonniere when everyone else is not.

    Groomsman etiquette, number 7:

    Do not wear any extraordinary shoes that draw out too much attention. A black pair of cap toe oxfords is probably your best choice. Otherwise, definitely wear over the calf socks because no one would want to see your hairy calves at a wedding day which is usually quite formal so make sure you get over the calf socks that stay up all day even if you walk a lot.

    Groomsman etiquette, number 8:

    To sum it up, your best route is to simply reach out to the bride or the groom so you do not arrive over or underdressed. Keep in mind that by not going for a loud outfit, you are doing the bride and groom a huge favor. It is their day, they should be the center of attention and not steal the spotlight by showing up looking too flashy.

  • Suit Up Like James Bond 007!

    Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Suits

    Choosing the perfect fit can be a challenge but worth the effort to avoid discomfort in our look while wearing a suit. There are some of the things that you must look out for while going for the perfect fit.

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    Lounge suit guideTies: The Prominent Accessory in Men’s Dressing!

    Ties are one of those accessories that always have been a part of fashion, no matter what people always love to wear ties over a three-piece or a two-piece suits. Ties come in a variety of types like the ascot tie, tie, bolo tie, zipper tie, cravat, knit tie, and clasp on a tie. Ties, if not chosen perfectly can bring a terrible touch in your dressing just like a wrong fitted jacket. So, it is better to choose your ties wisely before heading out. Ties like cutting edge bowtie, ascot, and necktie are somewhat dropped from the cravat. In many societies, men and young men take ties as an important part of office wear and formal wear. Ties can be a part of a uniform like for a military, school, and wait-staff, while can be worn as everyday apparel clothing. Sometimes, people wear bowties with a shirt button up and the tie hitch is placed between the neckline focuses. Ties can put a great compliment on your suit and keep your looks beyond your imagination.

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  • How to Dress in Khaki Suits

    How to Look Best in Khaki Suits!

    Winter is around, and it is the best time to wear some vibrant and dark color coats and woolen suits with different layering. The first thing you must be concerned about is keeping yourself warm throughout the season by wearing such clothes. But during the summer when the sun is scorching, and you can’t afford to wear a darker shade suit, we have got something for you as an alternative which is khaki suits.

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  • Cocktail attire for men guide

    Cocktail attire for men guide part 3

    When you receive an invitation nowadays, it may read Cocktail attire, black tie optional, or formal, but back in the day, things were simpler. The dress code was either Black tie for less formal evening occasions and White tie for more formal ones. The women’s dresses were chosen accordingly. Today, for many men the tuxedo is the most formal garment they will ever wear, and even then it is just rented.

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  • Cocktail attire for men guide

    Cocktail attire for men guide part 2

    An idea for an outfit for a cocktail party, number 1:

    Stroller jacket is the typical single-breasted, peaked lapel style with two buttons and jetted pockets. Instead of a pocket square, you can opt for a red carnation that goes well with his buff waistcoat, white shirt, and light blue tie. Trousers can be stripped but instead of the more common cashmere stripe, a special stripe for morning wear that does not really have anything to do with cashmere, you can choose a wide stripe in black and white. This cocktail outfit used to be particularly popular for wear on Sunday afternoons and was often seen at the smartest cocktail bars. Today, the stroller is definitely the most formal of all the cocktail suits yet different than another flannel blazer combination or a navy suit.

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  • Cocktail attire for men guide

    Cocktail attire for men guide part 1

    In this guide, I want to explain what cocktail attire for men is all about and what options you have for weddings, parties or events when you receive an invitation that asks for it.

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  • Mens Suits With Pleated Pants

    Pleated pants guide part 1

    For some, the very mention of pleated pants is enough to evoke flashbacks to the worst menswear fashions of the 1980s and 1990s. With current trends favoring flat-front cuts, the question of whether you should wear pleats today is often answered with a resounding “no.”

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  • Rain gear for men guide part 1

    Rain gear, number 1: Trenchcoat

    If you are wearing tailored clothes, the first overcoat to reach for is a classic khaki trench coat. This is an item with a storied history and iconic details that are designed specifically for wet weather. A proper trench coat has buckle straps on the sleeves, a stand collar with throat latch, and a back saddle, all intended to keep water away from your body. The most useful thing about a trench coat may be storm pockets, which are made to enable you to carry small items without getting them wet. Even if you do not use all of these features, they still look fantastic. Your trench coat is likely to be made of natural cotton gaberdine, a durable twill that provides water resistance without making use of fibers derived from plastics or petrochemicals.

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  • Having basic clothing is essential for a good dress because with them you can make different outfits without anyone noticing that they are garments of recurrent use.
    The fashion is to know how to choose the clothes to wear and give multiple uses for different occasions and not cling to garments that only remain accumulated in the closet without being able to give several uses.
    Men who are in the last shout of fashion are many more irresistible and captivate many people. So what garments cannot be missing in the closet?

    1. Minimum 2 suits: The suits in addition to reflecting elegance are also essential to create infinities of the outfit, whether formal or informal. The suits of black, gray and navy blue should never be missing from your wardrobe.

    2. White dress shirt: White dress shirts are necessary for formal occasions, weather events, meetings or business. In addition to that white shirts are synonymous with maturity, formality, and elegance.

    3. Colored shirts: Having several colorful shirts in the closet is essential for no formal occasions, In addition, they can be used for any type of occasion and reflect masculinity and good taste.

    4. Sports jackets: sports jackets are essential because you can use them for any occasion and stay radiant. The sports jacket in navy blue, black and white cannot miss in your wardrobe because it will help you many times and you can combine it with almost any garment.

    5. Accessories: Accessories can change any aspect, you can dress very simple, but if you reinforce your attire with accessories you can look different and more attractive. The accessories are the key to give a different touch to your style. Dare yourself.

    6. Belts and shoes: the belts and shoes must be the same color so that your outfit matches and your appearance looks much more organized and clean. If you use the belt in a different color than the shoes, it will cause an unpleasant impression and will end up ruining all the outfit.

    Do you have all these clothes in your closet? What do you expect to stay in fashion with just basic clothes? Visit Karako today to have the basic clothes you need to make a demonstration and good taste at unbeatable prices.

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