• Jonah Hill Should Be Your New Fashion Inspiration

    Style Tips For A Man With A Dad bod

    If you’re not going to the gym like before and enjoying a few extra beers on the weekend, it is likely that you’ve gained a little extra weight on that torso. The dad bod is a new body type for men and is described as “softly round” by Urban Dictionary. The dad bod has been associated with Jon Hamm, Alec Baldwin and Leonardo Dicaprio. The stigma around the dad bod is that a man who has a dad bod gets it because he stops maintaining his sculpted physique after having found a partner and fathered a child. If he’s not a father then he’s probably single but just looks “fatherly” across the tummy for some reason. There’s no judgment directed at your belly from our side, though; we’re not a fitness blog. However, we do have some dad bod related style tips for you that wouldn’t involve any carb-cutting or gym investment.

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  • How To Look Like A Celebrity

    A Quick Guide To The Chore Jacket

    What Is The Chore Jacket?

    Originating in the late 1800s, the chore jacket started off as a French worker jacket. Worn as a workman jacket by almost all the French laborers, the chore jacket usually came in blue and symbolized all the laborers, which later on caused it to become the icon of French workforce. Famous for its relaxed fit and large pockets, the French jacket is making its way back into fashion as more and more people realize how good looking it is. As usual, many brands are rolling out their own versions of this cotton work jacket for people to add it in their everyday style. In our opinion, the chore jacket provides one of the best jacket styles to men, so read further and learn everything that you should know about this jacket.

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  • The Five Most Favorite Pieces Of Adrien Brody

    The Five Most Favorite Pieces Of Adrien Brody

    For those unfortunate people who are not familiar with the name Adrien Brody: he is best known for having won an Academy Award in 2003 for his subtle and heartbreaking performance in the World War II drama film “The Pianist.” Adrien Brody has shown the world a number of times that he is an extremely talented actor, but little do people know that he is an amazing painter as well. Adrien Brody showed his first series of paintings at Domingo Zapata's pop up gallery at the Lulu Laboratorium, which was very well received by art critics and fans. Brody titled the series “Hot dogs, Hamburgers and Handguns,” and, as said by the creator himself, it features pop culture obsessions, including fast food and violence. Apart from being immensely talented in the fields of acting and painting, Adrien Brody has a great personal style that is very unique. You will never see anyone pull off an embroidered tuxedo as good as Adrien Brody. Here are the five most favorite pieces of the multitalented style icon, Adrien Brody, which he revealed in one of his interviews.

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  • Why you need to own a pair of patent leather shoes

    Shoes as a Label of Perfection

    Design has propelled full throttle, changing preposterously through various periods of time. Have you at any point pondered what amount of mold has changed through the span of time? Mold in the twenty first century is produced using every one of the adjustments in the nineteenth and twentieth century's and has affected the lives of relatively every person in various ways. There has been a gigantic change in the dresses as well as in hairdos, adornments and shoes. In actual words mold is the unmistakable inventiveness of individuals, which can upgrade the physical excellence or identity of somebody.

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  • How to choose the right gym outfits for men

    Choose right gym outfits? Why?

    Because appropriate clothes can make a lot of difference while you workout.

    Too tight or loose clothes will limit your movement during the workout and you’ll not be able to focus on the exercise completely.

    That’s why, proper gym outfits are designed. There is plenty available in the market. Perhaps that’s the reason we often get confused.

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  • How to wear men’s boots, and 2 must-have boot styles

    Why boots?

    There’s a lot to answer if someone asks you this question.

    Boots add an edge to your style, make even an average-looking person a badass, and most important — they protect us from harsh winter weather.

    So, having a cool pair of boots is very important.

    Now, if you’re looking forward to buy boots, you really need to worry. There are plenty in the market.

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  • How To Style & Combine an Overcoat

    How To Style & Combine an Overcoat part one

    So, basically you just put on your overcoat and you go, right? Not quite! An overcoat is an integral part of a classic gentleman's wardrobe but it requires a little bit of thought about your outfit as well as the temperature outside to create an outfit that is both functional and stylish. Things like patch pocket,  notch lapels or toggle closures are all more casual accessories, that you can have on your overcoat.

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  • How To Look Great In A Casual Shirt

    How To Look Great In A Casual Shirt

    Shirts are one of the most versatile clothing items. They can work for any kind of formal occasion. Similarly, casual shirts with long sleeves can be worn in a number of occasions. The best part of casual shirts is that you can wear them in a variety of different ways, colors and designs. This increases the number of choices you have, so you can experiment and make the look yours completely.

    Another great thing about casual shirts is that they give you a lot room to breathe when it comes to the fit—literally. With dress shirts, a slim fit is often required. However, casual shirts are supposed to have a looser fit to give you a more relaxed feel. But do find out what your chest measurements are; they are highly important for any kind of shirt. Anyway, here are a few types of long sleeved casual shirts and how you should wear them.


    We all love black, and we all own a black casual shirt. Black can never go wrong. A black casual shirt is a great pick if you want an all-black or all-dark look. A textured Oxford shirt is an excellent choice for this; it will save you from both looking over the board casual and being too formal. Black skinny jeans go really well with a black casual shirt. Wear a light jacket over your shirt to layer your outfit. Remember: layering is very important when it comes to casual shirts. Go with a denim or leather jacket since they are, like your shirt, stylish and casual, and they also go with a lot of different outfits. Lastly, finish your look with black heavy-duty boots. With these pieces, you will get a look that is easy to pull off.


    Denim is one of the best choices when it comes to casual shirts. A denim casual shirt is highly versatile and perfect for layering any outfit. This is all because it is light and beautifully textured. If you have a denim casual shirt, you can either wear it over a t-shirt and layer your outfit for a detailed look or wear it on its own which is also very stylish. A pair of khaki, gray or stone colored chinos looks amazing with denim. To finish the styling, go for a pair of trainers. You might find trainers with tan color unusual; however, they are perfect for your colorful outfit, and they will bring great detail to it.


    Another versatile pick for you is a white long sleeved casual shirt. It gives you a neat yet stylish look. It is also great for layering as you can go in any direction with your layering colors while the white color of the shirt acts as a base color. Team a solid white Oxford shirt with a pair of dark navy chinos. This contrast gives a great balance to the outfit and prevents one piece to outshine the other. Wearing a pair of dark loafers with no socks finishes your outfit superbly. More detail can be added with braces and a pair of sunglasses.

    To summarize it, here are a few things you should keep in mind while wearing a casual shirt:

    • Find out your size, for the right fit, so you can look perfect.

    • Unconventional fabrics are better for casual styling.

    • Bright colors are great for casual shirts.

    • Chinos and jeans are good casual pieces to combine with your shirt.

    • Layering is important. Layering gives a lot of detail to your outfit.

  • How to get the right hat for your face shape & body type

    Men’s Hat Wearing Guide 2018: 6 Cool Hats and How to Wear Them

    Whenever we talk about hats, the only thing that we get to hear is:

    Who wears hats these days?

    I don’t want to look like some old-school guy. The trend is long gone.

    Actually, you’re wrong bruh!

    The trend of hats is not gone. It’s just that only a few guys have this confidence to wear a hat and pull it perfectly.

    And those who’re doing it, look insanely awesome. Consider Johnny Depp who has charmed us with his iconic hat look.

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  • Soccer Shoes Buying Guide 2018: The Best Ones to Purchase Right Now

    Soccer Shoes Buying Guide 2018: The Best Ones to Purchase Right Now

    You can’t really play a game of soccer well without an ideal pair of soccer shoes.

    Pick an undersized pair and you’ll feet will swell and pain. On the other hand, you will not be able to run properly or tackle the ball in oversized shoes.

    Hence, it’s important to choose a pair that actually makes you feel comfortable. That’s why we’re here with a collection of:

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