Turtleneck guide part 5

Turtleneck Basics For Men

Turtleneck guide part 5

How to buy turtlenecks, number 1:

Ideally, you get something that is machine washable because sometimes, you will sweat more if you go from a cold environment into a warm department store than you would with a different sweater. Because of that, you want to be able to clean it regularly and dry cleaners are very costly so ideally, you want to be able to wash it at home in your washing machine. That means you get something in cotton. Cotton is not very insulating so merino wool is probably the best material for a sweater because it is not as delicate as cashmere yet you can wash it on a gentle cycle in your machine at home. Because I sweat more in them, I have to wash turtlenecks more often and therefore, I get pilling more quickly and the sweaters do not last as long.

How to buy turtlenecks, number 2:

In terms of colors, I think gray and tan are fantastic companions for the winter season and those would be the first to invest my money in because generally, they work well with other classic colors that are usually worn in the winter. If you want to add more, I think an ivory color is great as long as the material is thick enough so you do not see any outline underneath. You could also play with maybe burgundy or dark olive green. Tones of camel and khaki are also nice but I would stay clear of black or navy because they are usually too similar to the jackets and then it just all blends in and creates a monochromatic look I do not like. Rather than going with a stark white, I encourage you to go with ivory or off-white because they are softer and blends in better with brown tones still creating a contrast but in a way that is more warmer and looks more well-put-together than a plain solid white.