Turtleneck guide part 4

Turtleneck Basics For Men

Turtleneck guide part 4

Turtleneck sweaters, also known as polo neck, mock neck, skivvy, and so forth. In this guide, you can learn all about its history, how they should fit, how you can style them, and what to pay attention to when you buy them.

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 6:

Off-white is a really nice color for turtleneck sweaters especially in the winter because it contrasts with the darker colors that are otherwise usually incorporated in your outfit. That being said, make sure you get a very thick white or off-white turtleneck because otherwise, you can see your nipples, the hair pokes through, and you can see the outline of your pants which just looks really bad.

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 7:

Turtlenecks generally tend to look better with shorter haircuts. So if you like your longer hairstyle, simply do not wear turtlenecks. If you are into turtlenecks, you can also pair them maybe with some jeans and boots and wear them outside let’s say with a pea coat.

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 8:

One of the biggest challenges for turtlenecks is to combine them with your other garments so it looks very well put together. I found, in terms of color, if you follow the concept of contrast and harmony, you always look well-dressed. By harmony, I mean that you take a color that complements maybe your jacket or one of your pants. Because turtlenecks are exclusively reserved for the colder seasons of the year, it makes sense to use a more muted color scheme that creates that harmony with other items. By contrast, I mean the colors have to be noticeably different because if everything blends in yet it is not the same, it has this sort of monochromatic look that simply does not work.