Turtleneck guide part 3

Turtleneck Basics For Men

Turtleneck guide part 3

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 1:

Personally, I like to wear them directly against my skin or with a thin undershirt. I never wear a polo shirt underneath with any kind of collar and I also try to avoid any kind of dress shirt with a collar because it just looks weird and you can see it outlined from the outside. Sometimes, even an undershirt is too much and I just suggest you take a look at it in the mirror before you go out on the street because if you have an outline of a v-neck t-shirt underneath a turtleneck, it just looks odd.

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 2:

Turtlenecks are a great way to dress down suits so you can wear a gray turtleneck with a navy suit. It creates a very different look than when you would wear the same suit with let’s say a white shirt and a tie.

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 3:

A turtleneck makes everything look a lot softer yet you are still well-dressed. Some people even combine it with striped suits which, in my opinion, is over the top because the striped suit is more formal and it can clash.

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 4:

To go even a step further, I have seen people wearing it with a tuxedo or dinner jackets and I find that look is rather odd because black tie lives of its formality but it looks much better like that, in my opinion. You can also use a turtleneck to dress down a double-breasted jacket.

How to style a turtleneck sweater, number 5:

I have also seen men wear a turtleneck sweater that is rather thin with a larger denim shirt on top which is topped off by an overcoat or a jacket. Obviously, that is a more flamboyant fashion-forward look and are only recommended to people who really know what they are doing.